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Cockroaches – An Obnoxious Sight

Cockroaches are hungry has a capability anything and everything i.e., from glues to solid soaps. Cockroaches swarming around your home are an obnoxious sight.

“Prevention is always better than cure”

So here are some preventive measures to avoid cockroach’s entry:

  • Cabinet shelves and kitchen drawers should be painted with enamel paint.
  • Never spread any paper sheet because cockroaches tend to hide and lay eggs in the fold of the papers.
  • Keep food in sealed containers or covers. Never leave food open outside.
  • Store the food from dry to wet in an air tight container.
  • Regularly clear all the junks from storage shelves and wardrobes.
  • Fill the cracks and gap around walls and fittings.
  • Put garbage in tightly covered containers and store it outside.
  • Wash dishes, tables, kitchen counters and stove tops every day, preferably after each and every meal.
  • Mop the house on daily basis. And kitchen floors preferably twice a day.
  •  For Mopping mix disinfectant with water.
  •  Do not stack the sink overnight. Keep the sink clean.
  • Clean bathrooms and toilets daily.
  • Use Naphthalene balls in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Keep your surroundings i.e., outer area clean. Do not dump garbage or unwanted things.
  • Use any of the repellents available in the market to expel the cockroach if present already.

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