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Tips for Flu Season

  • It is a season of flu, as prevention diffuse little thyme oil . Fill a glass bowl with water, add a few drops of the oil, and light a tea light candle under the bowl. Once the water is heated enough, the oil’s mist will permeates through all round the room and kill flu germs.
  • After you are through from sick due to cold or flu.  Do not use the infected toothbrush back to your mouth especially for kids throw it out and buy a new one. Or if it’s a new one rinse it with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.
  • Make habit of using hand sanitizer with you. If possible carry to use after shaking hands, touching public doorknobs and before and after lunch.
  • Do not keep your hands on your mouth, nose, eyes and ears when you are out or even when someone in the home is sick. Germs enter the body through these four openings.
  • Teach your kids to never share drinks, suckers, Chopstick, etc., so they don’t bring home someone else’s germs.
  • Always close the toilet lid before flushing – the power of flushing spreads germs to the person nearby you and the surface in the bathroom.

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