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Best time to include a fruit in the daily diet!

      Always I used to wonder when is the best time to have fruits  in my daily diet. Recently when I was discussing about the same with a friend of mine who is a pediatrician and believes in natural nutrition, she explained as how a fruit should be eaten separately, whether in an empty stomach?  Have you heard this too?

        A basic theory of trophology is that fruits should be eaten only as a separate meal. Fruit is a very good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals, which is beneficial to the health. But it has to be eaten at a right time to make its nutrients properly absorbable to our body.

Eat fruit on an empty stomach

 It’s always better to eat fruits on an empty stomach. Best time to have fruit is morning before breakfast. If you eat fruit in an empty stomach, it will detoxify your system and gives you lot of energy. For a Normal person excretion time is from 4am to 12 pm. Since the fruits are rich in fiber and water content, and esp, when eaten raw, body also absorbs all its vitamins and minerals completely and helps in excretion and thus detoxifies our body. Thus makes us feel energized.

Eat fruits before the meal

Eating fruits  before the meal is always a good option if you are calorie conscious and wants to reduce weight. Fruits are generally low in calories, rich in fiber and water content. So if you eat fruit before a meal, you feel full faster which results in less consumption  of meal.

Eating Fruit after the dinner

Eating fruit after dinner is not a healthy option esp if you are  in diet, or diabetic, or aged person. Because body metabolism is slower at nights and some fruits contains high sugar level and this may raise the body sugar levels and tends to converts sugar into fats.

             Maintain a family weekly planner for eating fruits, also try and include seasonal fruits that are available in market. So that end of the week you have a very good balanced diet. Develop a habit of eating Right food and Right time…


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