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Benefits of Green tea


The Chinese have been using the  green tea since ancient times having known about its medicinal benefits and  have used it to treat for  everything from headaches to depression. In the process of making green tea powder, it is not fermented like in the case of black tea. Hence green tea retains the property of anti-oxidants and poly-phenols which gives in numerous health benefits. Lot of research has been done and  studies have been carried out on mice showed that green tea protects the  brain cells from dying and have also restored damaged brain cells.

  • Poly phenols which is present in green tea  helps in weight loss and  antioxidants  helps in slowing  down the aging process.
  • The  anti-oxidant present in the green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells and  it also kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.
  • It protects against the formation of clots and thus reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • It has also been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels.
  • It can even help prevent tooth decay
  • It is used to treat impaired immune function and  increases stamina.

Negative effects of green tea.

  • Green tea induces insomnia because it contains caffeine however caffeine amount is less than the coffee and it is  not advisable to consume green tea if you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy because it contains tannins which reduces the absorption of iron and folic acid.

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