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Unhealthy lifestyle that ruin your beauty

            Beauty cannot be obtained overnight; make up thing can only hide the flaws in you but it cannot bring any beauty! There are some practices that need to be avoided in order to ensure flawless healthy and gorgeous skin / hair. Identifying your beauty bad habits is a challenging task? Here are some of the most seen practices that needs to be swept away. You will definitely observe a change in the way you look.

Combing Habits – Do not try to detangle your hair using a hair brush. Only a wide toothed comb should be used for this purpose. Hair breakage and fall increases when you use a brush. Before sleep comb your hair 10-15 times. This helps in increasing the blood circulation and helps in hair growth. Also the natural oils on the scalp will spread evenly if we comb at night, thereby providing natural nutrition to the hair.

Do not comb wet hair. Since root of the hair will be loose when they are damp, this practice leads to increased loss of hair.

Makeup – Now –a-days applying makeup has become common. Due to tiredness, late nights schedules sleeping with makeup have also become common. This may lead to skin allergies, rashes and pimples.

Face Pricking – Removal of Blackheads and pimples with nails will lead to aggravation rather cure also leaves marks in the face.

Foundations– It is advisable to avoid using foundations. If preferred, know your skin tone before selecting the foundation colour. If the color does not match the face color it will look patchy. Also don’t forget to remove the foundation as the foundation clogs the pores of the face and results in pimples.

Sun Tanning – Vitamin D is essential for skin to look healthy. Habit of exposing to midday sun on the beach is a bad habit. Rather, sunbathe in rising sun and early evenings when the rays are not very strong.

Water consumption – Water is the key ingredient for good health and skin. A person must consume at least 1-1.5 lt of water per day to flush out toxics from the body and get soft and clear skin. Moreover, the shine and strength of hair also depends upon water content in the human system. So drinking less water is one of the worst beauty habits.

Nail Polish removal – Nail polish chipped look bad but that using your other hand to peel them off is really bad. In this way you may end up removing nail enamel with the polish. Enamel acts as the protective covering for nails and also gives a natural shine to your nails. Also try to  use a good quality nail polish remover instead.

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