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Caring for your Patina Platinum

Platinum it is one of the rarest and most durable precious Platinummetals. It’s resistant to tarnishing and decolouration due to chlorine and other chemicals. These factors, along with its strength and white lustre, have made platinum a most popular choice of jewellery, either on its own or as the setting with diamonds and precious stones. Its durability needs to be cared properly for.

  1. Platinum jewellery needs to be cleaned the way we clean other fine jewellery. A professional cleaning for every six months will keep your platinum jewellery in good shape.
  2. Store platinum jewellery separately and with care, without allowing pieces to touch each other because even platinum can be scratched.
  3. If platinum is set with diamonds or other precious stones, be careful of these materials can be more susceptible to damage. Some fine jewellery pieces combine platinum with karat gold jewellery. Care for these pieces as you would your gold jewellery.

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