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Saraswathi Yantra

Devi Saraswati is God of Education, Knowledge, intellect, speech and creativity through education. Saraswathi Yantra is energized with geometric patterns to empower Positive energy of Devi Saraswathi.
Knowledge is power. Attaining Knowledge is a never ending process as it’s like an ocean.  Devi Saraswati being God of wisdom and one who motivate knowledge thirst through Positive energy

Mantra for Saraswathi Yantra

Om Vagdevi Cha vid mahe
Brahma Patneecha dhi mahi
Tanno varni Prachodayat

Mantra 2:

Ya Kundendu Tushara –hara

 Dhavala Ya Shubra Vastravrutha”

Click here for more Slogas on  Saraswathy

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