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In Hinduism, the Mantras and slogans are considered to be the holiest form of worshiping the Gods. Mantras are energy-based sounds that can create vibrations in our body. The Word “MANTRA” is derived from two Sanskrit words one is ‘MANAS’ means Mind and the other is ‘Trai’ means ‘to protect’. So Literally, Mantra means “To Protect Our Mind”. Each time when we recite / listen slogans, it is considered to have a control on human feelings thereby giving mental peace and wellness in your life. As per the Puranas, every time we recite the mantras before the idol of God the idol gains the power equivalent to God because of the vibrations caused due to the mantras. It is also believed that reciting slogans particularly in Sanskrit will reduce anxiety, thereby keeping your mind and body relaxed as well as refreshed. Due to this the memory power of a person will increase and help him to do work 10-20% better than it can be done. And also, since the Kids are made to sit in a place and made to recite the slogans it enhances the kids to recollect things at a faster pace.

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