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How to make spongy idlies

•Idly Rice- 4 cups
•Urid Dhal – 1 cup
•Fenugreek – ½ tsp
•Flattened Rice – 1 tbsp
•Salt – To taste
To Make Batter:
1. Soak the rice for 3 ½ hrs and dhal ½ hr in separate containers.
2. Grind Urid dhal with fenugreek and little amount of water and just sprinkle water as and when needed. It should have thick and smooth consistency
3. At this stage, add rice into the grinder with the flattened rice and water, once it comes into half grinded form we can add salt allow it to grind till it becomes smooth.
4. Then remove the batter from the grinder store it in a dry, clean container with ¾ of batter and ¼ space for the batter to rise during the fermentation.
5. After 8-10 hrs depending on the climatic conditions the batter will raise due to fermentation and it is ready for making Spongy Idlies.
To Make Idlies:
1.Pour 150 ml water in the idly cooker and allow it to boil
2.Put a wet Muslin cloth on the idly trays
3.Pour the fermented batter on the idly trays and place it inside the idly cooker
4.Once it starts to boil, pour t place the plates on it and close the vessel.
5.Cook for 7 to 8 minutes
6. Now open the vessel sprinkle some water over it and then slowly transfer the idlies to a dry plate.
7.Serve it hot with any variety of chutney, sambar, idly podi with oil/ghee or any non-vegetarian gravy.

Idlies are whole some and filling diet which can be given everybody including babies and elderly person. It is very easily digestible with good combo of carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids. Since it is fermented, vitamin B12 is more enhanced in this dish.

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