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Pudalangai Thayir Pachadi / Snake Gourd Raitha

poodalanka pachadiIngredients:

1. Pudalangai: Cut like that for preparing curry : 100 gms

2. Salt

3. Coriander leaves: few

4. Mustard: 1 tsp

5. Orid dal: ½ tsp

6. Red Chillies: 3

7. Oil: 2 tsp

Preparation Procedure:

1. In a small kadai, add 1 tsp of oil.

2. Season mustard and while it starts spluttering, add orid dal, Red Chillies and fry, when the orid dal turns golden yellow colour, add Pudalangai and sauté it on low flame till pudalangai shrinks to some extent.

3. Keep the curd in the serving bowl along with salt and add the kadai ingredients to the serving bowl just before serving to retain the fresh taste.

4. Garnish with very few coriander leaves

Snake guord, ridge guord, chow chow, onion, tomato can be boiled with salt and squeeze the water out and add curd, season it as same as above.

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