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Pooja for Devi Parvathi (1st -3rd) Day

The goddess is separated as a spiritual force called Durga also known as Kali in order to destroy all our impurities.

Flowers for Devi Parvathi:

Devi Parvathi considered to be the God of Braveness. Normally, represented by red so red flowers like  hibiscus, olender, ixora are mainly used.

Nivedyam for Devi Parvathi: (TO KNOW THE RECIPE CLICK ON THE RECIPE)

Devi Parvathi Likes spicy and tangy foods. So foods like


2.Lemon Rice



For Slogas on Parvathi click on:

Slogas for Devi Parvathi

Gowri Gayathri Mantra

MahaKali Gaythri Mantra

Devi Sooktham

One comment on “Pooja for Devi Parvathi (1st -3rd) Day

  1. […] goddess or goddesses on the each day we have to worship each form of Sakthi of the Nine forms.. 1. Parvathy—1st-3rd day  click here to know more about the forms, puja methods and slogas for Devi Parvathy. 2. […]

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