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Diwali Lehiyam

Diwali Lehiyam is an Older Grandma Recipe which looks like Jam with a combo of Medicinal spices This Lehiyam is made on the day of Diwali after oil bath before consuming sweets. Since it is a good medicine for indigestion, gas, and stomach ache etc. On the day of Diwali after Oil bath a small marble of lehiyam is consumed so that we can enjoy a Heart filled and Healthy Diwali. So Let us not wait look out for the ingredient for the lehiyam.


You can get the below items in Nattu Marundhu Kadai

Dry Ginger- 50 gm (Sukku)
Galangal Roots – 50gm (Chitharathai)
Long Papper – 50gm (Kandanthippili)
Arisithippili – 50gm
Jadikkai -1
Jadi pathiri – 1
Omam – 100gm
Pepper  – 200gm (Milagu)
Cummin Seeds  – 50gm (Jeeragam)
Cloves  – 1 nos(Krambu)
Cardamom – 6 nos (Elakkai)
Turmeric – 4 nos  (Virali Manjal)
Jaggery – 500 gm
Ghee – 2 tablespoon


1. Dry fry the Sukku, Chitharathai, Kandathippili, Arisithippili, Jadikkai, Jadi Pathiri, Omam, Milagu, Jeeragam, elaichi, turmeric and Cloves one by one and make it to a fine powder, sieve it well and keep it aside.

2. Heat the fry pan and make Jaggery syrup (Jaggery should be in 1:1 ratio with that of the powdered ingredients) make the jaggery to a sticky level (pisukku padham) not more than that consistency.

3. Add the sieved powder to the jaggery syrup and stir continuously keep adding ghee little by little till the paste does not stick to the pan.

4. Remove from heat and allow it cool. Make small balls of lehiyam

5. Now Diwali Legiyam is ready and celebrate your Diwali in a healthy way.

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