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How to cook rice

  • WATER – 3-4CUPS (Depending on the qlty of rice)


1.Take 3 cups of water in a pressure cooker close it with the lid till the water starts to boil.

2.Meanwhile, with same cup take one measure of rice soak till the water starts to boil. This helps to reduce the fuel consumption.

3.Add the rice to the boiling water and a salt just for the taste. Close the lid. Wait till the steam releases then place the weight on the cooker.

4.Simmer the stove wait for 3-4 whistles depending on the rice. Then switch of the stove. Incase,  if  this is for the kids immediately after opening mash the rice with potato masher when it is warm itself add little amount of Ghee.

Rice is a Staple food and an instant energy provider. Rice is also a  very good source of Vitamin B1,D , Calcium, Fibre Thiamine , Iron and minerals like niacin it aid for a good bowel movement and the residue liquid of rice (Kanchi) with salt and sugar also acts as a electrolyte a effective medicine for dysentery.

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