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How to clean Banana Blossom (Vazhaipoo)

Banana blossom, is vazhaipoo in tamil, has immense medicinal properties. The flower is good source of fibre and is effective in blood purification, menstrual disorders like excessive bleeding & painful menstruation, constipation and stomach ailments, especially ulcers. It helps to increase haemoglobin cells in blood.

Cleaning the blossom is a difficult task for the greenhorns, South indians  prepare varieties (poriyal, paruppusili, vadai etc.) with these blossom.

Step 1:
Apply oil on your hands.


Remove the bracts (red coloured petals).Collect all the blossoms.


To open the flower. Gently rub the top edges of the flower with your palm. The flowers will open and you will find a hard stamen and a small plastic like petal. Remove the stamen and the plastic like petal.


These are to be discarded and should not be used while cooking the flowers as they will be very hard.
Repeat the procedure with all the blossoms.


Chop the blossoms finely and wash it with  diluted buttermilk.This helps to prevent shading of the Blossom.

And now the Blossoms are now ready to cook.

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