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Classic Consomme Soup

A consomme soup is a refined clear soup with a wide range of flavors and styles. Today I have tried to make chicken consomme soup.


Chicken bone – 250gms

Chicken meat – 250 gms

Carrots – 2 nos

Onion – 1 nos

Cabbage – 200 gm

Tomato – 3 nos

Turnip –  1/2 pc

Beet root – 1/2 pc

Ginger – 1″pc

Celery tops – 2 sprigs

Parsley – 2 sprigs

Bay leaf 1 no

Salt to taste

Clove – 1 no

White peppercorns -4 nos

Egg – 2 nos

Vinegar – 1 1/2 tbsp


1. Boil the meat and bones together.

2. Separate the stock, mix all the ingredients except egg and vinegar. Bring it to boil.

3. Once it is cooked, beat the egg and vinegar  and add the mixture to boiled soup.

4. Do not mix the stock after adding the mixture.

5. Boil the consomme in simmer for 5 mins and serve sprinkled with coriander leaves.

This is a Nutricious energy packed soup that contains all proteins and vitamins, its mostly loved by all egg lovers. As a variance we can use mutton or sea food stock also

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