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Stories about honesty and integrity

A Nose for Mischief

In his way to school one day, the little wooden boy, Pinocchio, met two shady characters who convinced him to join a marionette show. Pinocchio went onstage and thrilled the audience by dancing without strings.
That night, Pinocchio couldn’t wait to get home to tell his father, the wood carver Geppettp, about his performance.
“Home?” said Stromboli the puppeteer, sneering.”Very funny.”
He grabbed Pinocchio and tossed him into a birdcage. Then he snapped the padlock shut and left Pinocchio alone in the back of the wagon.
Soon Jiminy Cricket caught up with the wagon and hopped in the back.” I should have kept my eye on you,” said jiminy, who had been appointed by the Blue Fairy to be Pinocchio’s conscience.
Pinocchio and Jiminy looked out the back of the wagon at the starlit sky. One star blazed and began spinning toward the wagon. The whirling starlight settled in front of Pinocchio’s cage, and the Blue Fairy appeared.
“Why, Pinocchio,” she said. “Why didn’t you go to school?”
“ Well, you see,” he replied slowly, “ I was going to school until I met somebody…”
“Met somebody?” said the Blue Fairy.
“Right,” continued Pinocchio.” Two big monsters with big green eyes!”
“Weren’t you afraid?” asked the Blue Fairy.
“ No, ma’am,” said Pinocchio firmly.” But they tied me in a big sack!”
“ You don’t say…”mused the Blue Fairy.
Pinocchio told one lie after another, and each time he lied, his wooden nose grew. It grew and grew, until it poked out of the cage and sprouted leaves. Among the leaves was a bird’s nest, with a family of birds!
“Look! My nose!” cried Pinocchio.” What’s happening to it?”
“Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio,” said the Blue Fairy.” You see, a lie keeps growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.”
Pinocchio blurted, I’II never lie again. Honest, I won’t!” “ I” II forgive you this once,” said the Blue Fairy.” But this is the last time I can help you. Remember, a boy who won’t be good might just as well be made of wood.”
The Blue Fairy tapped Pinocchio on his nose with her magic wand, then vanished.
Pinocchio’s nose returned to normal, and the lock on the cage magically opened. Pinocchio was free to pursue his dream of becoming a real boy. It was a dream that would come true as long as he remained truthful.

Small One’s Samarilan

There was once an old, frail donkey named Small One. He was loved and cared for by a kind man named Joseph, his wife, Mary and their baby, Jesus. One day, while looking for a place to rest, he wandered far from the barnyard. Suddenly, he stumbled and fell, rolling down a hill until he came to a stop. His frail body was twisted underneath him and he was cut and bruised. Poor Small One closed his eyes in pain.
At the same time, a boy was walking on the road to Jerusalem. He has been the owner of the old donkey before his father had forced him to sell Small One, since the creature was too weak to do work for them anymore.
When the boy sported the donkey at the bottom of the hill, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “ Small One?” he cried. When he came upon the donkey, crumpled and bruised, tears started running down his face. How would he help his old friend?
When the boy saw a man coming down the road and noticed that he was a priest, he felt relief wash over him. He called out, “ Holy one! This animal is badly hurt. Can you please help me?”
The priest spoke quickly. “ There is nothing you can do for that old, sick donkey. Better to just leave him there.” And he hurried off.
The boy could not leave Small One by the side of the road, helpless. Another figure approached. “ Please this animal is badly hurt. Can you help me?”
The man barely glanced their way. He crossed to the other side of the road, as far away as possible, and kept walking.
Then, another figure appeared. This one had a young. Strong donkey with him. He stopped by the side of Small One.
“ This donkey is badly hurt. Can you help him?” asked the boy again.
The man looked at the boy with kindness in his eyes. “ What would you have me do for this animal?’ he asked.” He is very old. And he looks badly injured.”
“ Do you think you could help me bring Small One to an inn, where he could get better?” the boy asked.
The man replied,” Let us find a way.”
Together, the man and the boy fixed up a blanket with some sticks, and gently lifted Small One onto it. In this way, his own strong beast was able to drag the little donkey to an inn.
There, the man helped the boy settle Small One in the stable. Before he left, he gave the boy two silver coins. “ Take care of your old friend.” He said.
“ Wait,” said the boy. “ Tell me your name! where are you from?”
“ My name does not matter,” replied the man. “ Iam from Samaria.”
“ Thank you for your kindness.” Said the boy. “ Small One and I will never forget you.”
The good Samaritan waved and went on his way.

Mickey’s Magical Mix up

Long ago, a powerful sorcerer agreed to take on an apprentice.
Day in and day out, the sorcerer busied himself with his spells and incantations while Mickey did all the chores. As Mickey swept the floors, tended the fire, and filled the vat, he fine magician, if only the sorcerer would stop for a moment and teach him a trick or two. The sorcerer had promised1
Late one night, the sorcerer placed his tall, pointed hat on the table and turned towards the stairs that led to his bedchamber.” When you’ve filled the vat with water from the fountain, then you, too, may go to bed,” said the sorcerer.
“ Yes, sir,” said Mickey, watching him climb the stairs. Never before had the sorcerer forgotten his enchanted hat!
As soon as he was gone, Mickey ran over to the table and tried on the hat. Instantly Mickey felt that he, too could make magic. The sorcerer need never find out.
Mickey spied an old straw broom in the corner. Using his newfound powers, he chanted, “ Dooma, dooma, brooma, brooma.”
The broom sprang to life. Mickey commanded the broom to lift two buckets and follow him to the fountain in the courtyard, The broom filled the buckets with water and marched back to the vat. As soon as the broom finished, Mickey motioned for it to fetch more water.
Quite satisfied, Mickey sat in a comfortable chair and fell asleep. Soon he began to dream. Atop a pinnacle, surrounded by the sea, Mickey raided his arms to command the elements: fire, water, wind and earth. Shooting stars whirled around at his feet. He could almost feel the waves tickling his toes…
Mickey awoke abruptly. He was sitting in waist high water. All along , the broom had continued to fetch the water and fill the vat, and now the room was flooded.
“ Stop! Halt!” Mickey cries, but the broom continued. He searched for the sorcerer’s book of incantations, but it had disappeared.
In desperation, Mickey grabbed an axe and chopped the broom into pieces. To Mickey’s horror, the splinters sprang to life, each holding buckets. Blindly they marched to the fountain and back, filling the vat with water.
The room became a turbulent sea. When the missing book of incantations drifted by, mickey climbed aboard. Frantically he turned the pages, trying to find a spell that would stop the brooms.
Suddenly the sorcerer threw open the door and murmured the incantation. The waters receded, and Mickey sat, shamefaced, in a puddle. As the sorcerer glared at him, Mickey vowed that he would never make magic again..that is, until the sorcerer felt he was ready!

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