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Moral Stories

                                               The Bear and the Travelers                            

Two old friends were travelling together one day. As they were walking through a forest, they were horrified to see a bear coming towards them. Quick as a flash, one of the friends climbed up a tree and hid himself. The other fellow realized that he would attacked. So he fell to the ground and pretended to be dead. He remembered hearing somewhere that bears wouldn’t touch a dead body. Soon, the bear came up to the man and smelt him. The man held his breath to fool the animal. In a few minutes, the bear left, thinking the man was dead. When the bear was safely out of sight, the man’s friend climbed down from the tree.“Well”, my friend”, he said jocularly.”What did the bear whisper in your ear? Replied the other man,” It gave me a piece of advice. It said never trust a friend who abandons you at the first sign of danger.

Moral: You know who your true friends are in times of trouble.

                                               The  Fox Who Lost His tail

A fox roaming about in search of food, got his tail caught in a trap. To get out, he yanked his tail really hard, and it got cut off. The fox felt terribly foolish without his tail. When all the animals in the forest laughed at him, being a smart fellow, he quickly thought up a plan.“You silly creatures! Don’t you know the latest fashion is to chop off your tail? It’s far more attractive. In fact, I’m going to advise everyone in this forest to do the same”.The fox tried to convince all the animals he met to cut their tails off. Some actually listened to him.Before long, another fox came that way and saw what the tail-less fox was up to.“ ha, ha, ha!” laughed the newcomer. “ What a silly bunch you are. Can’t you see what this fox is doing? He’s lost his own tail and he’s trying to make you all lose yours1”Then all the animals realized how they had almost been tricked by the wily fox.

Moral:Don’t blindly imitate  others

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