About us

“FONDFAMILY”  is a family created by group of friends who are professionals by education with a mix of home makers and working mothers.  One day as we were all casually chatting with each other, we spoke on how we could spend our time usefully for both ourselves as well as for the society. We were debating on what can be done with the spare time we will have apart from juggling between the house hold chores, work, and kids and family time. We realized that we have always looked for information on various aspects at every stage right from when we started our family path till date where we are parenting our kids. We decided to share our knowledge and experience to all those who are looking for information about family, lifestyle, recipe, issues, kids growth, traditional methods etc… and expand our group to create a family of friends who can enjoy the benefit of our experience. We would like to share our experience as a women, wife, mother, daughter and daughter-in-law  to our extended family of friends.

We learn at every stage in the journey of our life right from when we are infants till we grow old and this learning helps us through the path taken and actions performed.

The motto of Fondfamily is to help ourselves and others to be more informed to lead a better life and have a Happy family.

Fond Family Members:

–        Anitha Anand

–        Anitha Deepak

–        Subha Harikrishnan

2 comments on “About us

  1. It was so nice to wake up this morning to find that you were following my blog. Thank you! It’s an honor and I look forward to reading more of yours, it looks like a fun website!

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