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Benefits of Yoga in Teens

Few benefits of yoga for physical and mental development


  • Builds strength of muscles, spines and bones
  • Lengthens muscles to increase mobility of the joints
  • Creates a Healthy spine. Yoga poses stimulates the nerves running along the spine, energizes the body by free flow of energy to the brain by their by resulting in a good blood circulation to the organs and other parts of their body.
  • Develops understanding of body mechanics, healthy movement patterns, and ideal postural alignment
  • Draws attention to the breath as a reflection of state of mind and as a tool to obtain relaxation and focus
  • Revitalizes energy level and calm down hyperactivity


  • Improves concentration thereby transmit thoughts and calm the nervous system
  • Teaches teens to respect themselves and others
  • Develops ability to focus and concentrate
  • Provides a healthy way to experiment, take risks, and explore the body
  • Teaches them the qualities of kindness, compassion, and nonviolence
  • Makes them Organized  and to be linked with them, others, and the nature
  • Encourages the self-trust on them.

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