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Do you know Yoga can also help to control Bedwetting problems in your lil ones? Yoga for Bedwetting

Bedwetting normally goes away on its own. But until that it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for you and your child. So it’s important to provide support and positive reinforcement during this process. Lot of allopathy medicines is available to control it, but it all has got its own side effects….Continue Reading.

Yoga for improving immunity

A Healthy Body and Sound Mind is the way to live life(“ health is wealth”), So It is always necessary to follow a good healthy lifestyle. Our human body is been gifted with good immune system by the nature to fight against the diseases but due to the cause and effects in the environment and its surrounding, our immune system goes for a toss…..Continue Reading


Suryanamaskaram is a set of 12 cyclic postures when performed cyclically at our own pace that provides a good cardio-vascular workout to get away from physic-mental stress and cuts down our weight gradually…Continue Reading.

Preparation for Suryanamaskaram – a warm up

Suryanamaskaram is just not only a salutation to Sun but it does many things which you cannot achieve even through dieting or divine discourses…Continue Reading

Yoga for asthma in advanced level

Let’s discuss the yoga  in advanced level  for the controlling the asthma more effectively. But remember Always to take a help of good yoga practioner…Continue Reading

Yoga for asthma- basic level II

We will see few more basic level asanas for controlling the asthma…… Continue Reading

Yoga for asthma- basic level I

Asthma is a disease affecting the airways that carry air to and from your lungs. People who suffer from this chronic condition (long-lasting or recurrent) are said to be asthmatic.Up to ten percent of children suffer from this ailment. The attack generally starts with cold and cough accompanied by excessive mucus production…..Continue Reading.

Yoga for anger management II

We will the see  asanas in the advanced level and this can  be done once when your body  becomes flexible…Continue Reading.

Yoga for anger management-I

Anger is the reaction  to the  normal human  inner emotions. Anger becomes a problem when it hurts others and when it becomes out of control. People get angry when they get frustrated,  when they are stressed out, when they are experiencing the abuse, when they didn’t get what they wanted…..Continue Reading

Advanced level of Yoga for Obesity- II

Let’s discuss the advanced level for yoga for obesity you can start doing this once when your body becomes flexible….Continue Reading

Are you worried about Obesity?  Here are some asanas for reducing your weight

Nowadays, Obesity and overweight has become a universal problem and one of the greatest health concerns. Besides feeling uncomfortable and demoralizing, obesity is a serious health hazard. The reasons for Obesity are mainly due to hereditary…Continue Reading

Yoga for stress management- II

Let’s discuss the advanced level of asanas as mentioned below and are to be done once your body has become more flexible…Continue Reading

Yoga for stress Management – I

Stress is a common word uttered by the each and everyone invariable of age. Stress is the “wear and tear” that our body experiences as we adjust to continually changing environment. It has physical and emotional effects on us and that can create negative feelings…..Continue Reading.

Is cold making your kid sick?? Here is Yoga treatment; a natural method of treating Common cold

Cold is one of the common trivial disorders found in children due to viral invasion, but it can destroy child’s immune system if it’s left untreated. The strength of a child’s immune system plays an important role in preventing cold….Continue Reading

Adverse Effects of Chanting Om without proper guidance

Chanting Om can also have adverse effects when not chanted properly. If the person chanting has lower spiritual level he may not have the capacity to tolerate the spiritual cosmic energy generated from the chant…Continue Reading

Chanting OM-Mantra for your soul

“Om” is the universal sound and it is considered as “MONARCH OF ALL MANTRAS” .All mantras originate and prefix Om. Om represents the supreme Principle god i.e., Parabramham and this is chanted at start of a prayer. Om helps in bringing mental peace, focus and concentration. When chanted in repetition “Om” helps in invigorating, strengthening mind and an effective way to release stress….Continue Reading

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