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Some Perspective for a Good Homemaker! Are you?

After bell rings, official wedding oath is taken; you are a wife. After becoming a wife, life of each and every woman changes a lot. Depending on the individual or family interest and the situations; women opt either to be career oriented or a homemakers   Continue reading —–>

Is your married life strained? Longing for Romantic married life? Then this is for you

Phone rings, “Smitha, Now-a-days I feel that my husband is not willing to even talk to me properly as he is always busy with something or the other. I’m depressed and don’t know what to do about it?”  Continue reading —–>


Points to be considered during the pregnancy

Pregnancy is a normal physiological processes  where a women undergoes many changes in her  body. Pregnant mother needs a special care and attention and full support from the family. Continue reading —–>

Simple steps to increase your chance to get pregnant

Planning for pregnancy? Great! It will be the most excited moments of your life, and it’s equally important to make sure that you’re totally ready without making any mistakes in getting your little one on the way. Continue reading —–>

Food for Improving Chance of Pregnancy

I was surprised when I got to know that eating a certain food and avoiding few others can improve the chance of pregnancy I always believed that it was more dependent on other factors like timing and frequency of intercourse, emotional state of mind. Continue reading —–>

Breastfeeding – A Boon

Being a Mom gives us an immense pleasure and excitement. Many of us don’t know that the Preparations of Breast Feed starts from mid 7th month of pregnancy. Continue reading —–>

Natural ways to Enhance Lactation in Mother

Breast feeding mother can experience lactation problems and may also feel to give up and opt for a formula milk. But by little nursing and some smaller changes in food habits of mother can increase the lactation.  Continue reading —–>

Did you know you can influence your kids IQ level by adding few essential nutrients during Pregnancy and Breast Feeding?  — Choline helps improve the IQ

Every mom wants their children to have high IQ. Wonder from when you can influence the IQ level of your kid? You can influence the IQ level of your child from the beginning of your pregnancy  Continue reading —–>


Is Indian Streets Safe for Women? NO! Sexual Harassment makes it insecure…

“Hello,” says a stranger in a public place; he spank at her back; uses vulgar languages; touches or pinches her in inappropriate parts etc and before she can respond, he vanishes into the crowds. Is this Eve-teasing? Continue reading —–>

Rape- It’s Our Life….; Never give others a chance to take a call on it. Let’s protect it.

The gang rape of a 23yr old student in Delhi came as shocking news on 16th December 2012. It is a shame that the government Continue reading —–>

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