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An Intro Vastu

Vastu Shastra means the ‘Building Science’ and is an ancient Indian Vedic Building Science of designing and construction with actual physical manifestation of dwellings. It aims at creating a dynamic balance between the Form and Energy so that cordial conditions are created for the inhabitants.———>Continue reading

10 Things to Be Known Before Buying a New Apartment

Buying an apartment is not a just a place to stay, It is the dream of anyone and of course for everyone. In fact statistically speaking, about 80 – 90% of the people are dreaming at having their own apartment.——> Continue reading

Do you feel heaviness at home? Here are some vasthu tips for your living room

Living room plays a vital role in vasthu shastra. And as it is one of the core part of the house where the relationship becomes stronger and healthier, at our house.——–> Continue reading

Create a Positive Energy in your home

Home is the place where you’re going to spend most of the time in your life. But sometime you can’t feel peace at your home also. Are you keeping an anxiety?———> Continue reading

Kitchen – Heart of the Home

Kitchen is heart of a home, whole families health is taken care by giving a healthy nutritious food. So it needs to be maintained cleanly and hygienically.———-> Continue reading

Vastu for splendid kitchen

Last week, we were discussing some of the architectural facts that need to be considered while designing a kitchen. Like architecture, vasthu is also equally important component that needs to be taken into consideration while designing the kitchen but both should go hand in hand.——> Continue reading

Vastu for Bedroom

Bedroom is the place to rest and relax and have privacy. This is the place where everyone spends their  one third of the day for sleeping ———> Continue reading

Vastu for Studyroom

Study room is the place where children or any person who wish to study  with peace of mind  and fully concentrate on what they are doing. Studying must be peaceful and joyful.——> Continue reading

Design your Pooja room a divine one

We start are day today activity by praying to bring Peace and Positive Energy to all the members of the family. So we require a separate room for god i.e., Pooja Room.———> Continue reading

Vastu for the Guest room

In our Indian culture treating Guest plays a significant role “ATHITHI DEVO BHAVA” means Treating Guest is equivalent to treat God. Welcoming Guest with great pleasure and treating them warmly is thought as the Code of conduct for the family ——-> Continue reading

Do you know even placement of bathroom can affect peace in your family- Vasthu for Bathroom

No Matter whether your Bathroom is smaller or larger, if you plan properly considering few elements you can avoid major family issues related to both health and wealth————-> Continue reading

Do you have the Symbol of prosperity at your home! Vasthu symbols for your well being

Symbols or idols when kept at home at particular direction can have some positive vibrations in your life. Vasthu Symbols and statue when kept in an appropriate position are considered to bring in happiness, wealth by producing some positive energy———>Continue reading

Natures Beauty at your CorridorVasthu for your Garden

In today’s hectic life we have tensions prevail both inside and outside in work area, so we always looking for a way to flush our tension. Nature is a best way to let out your tension –———–>Continue reading

Sun Face- A vasthu symbol to Improve your Prosperity and Reputation of Family

Sun, a Fire element, a heavenly body, a member of solar system, which makes the day bright, fresh and crisp.

Sun has a significant place in vasthu. It is a powerful symbol of REPUTATION——–> Continue reading

Do you feel low self confidence-A way to strengthen your personality through vasthu?

A Lion a powerful symbol that will improve your Self –confidence and strengthens your power. To enhance your confidence level in situations where you lack it, and to develop a powerful self-presence, place a  brass lion  statue in the appropriate place.———–> Continue reading

Do you have continuous health and wealth problems- Check your overhead tank position!!

Over head tank is one of the elements that complement the building elevation. It’s believed that position of tank has influence in health and wealth of the family and helping them to lead a fulfilled life——> Continue reading

Horse – A vasthu symbol of power to perk up you and your business

Horses, more specifically racing horse are known for their power, stamina and the energy level. And thereby Horses in Vastu are considered to be the symbol of power and thereby success———–> Continue reading

Is your child has lack of concentration or adamant or falling ill frequently?? Then have a check for Vastu for Kid’s Bedroom

A Child plays an integral part in the house; they bring in lot of joy and happiness in you and the family. Now a day’s designing kids room has become a necessity and even a responsibility for the parents depending on the growing needs of the kids and the financial status of the parents. So if you have decided to have separate children’s room then better to design in a place that strengthen them both physically and mentally————>Continue Reading

Do you have regular health concerns at your house? It can be vasthu defect – A vastu Health symbol at your home!!!!!

Each and every one of us has problems in one form or other. Either it may be in the form of illness or financial issues or relationship problems. Many are perplexed to know what may be the reason behind the prolonged issues and if you’re one among them then this is for you.——–>Continue Reading

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