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Hale n Healthy

Is your child constipated? Here is how to prevent / cure it

Constipation is a common problem among children and adults (especially post pregnancy). Constipation can be prevented by making small changes in the eating habit.——–> Continue reading


Constipation is a National Digestive Ailment. Constipation is a Symptom and not a Disease. Everyone will face this problem in any point of time; only the intensiveness varies depending on your diet, physical activity, medications and hormone levels in our body.——–> Continue reading

Oral Hygeine for all

Managing and maintaining our oral hygiene is extremely important for each and everyone because all our teeth’s are connected to organs, muscles and tissues via dental nerves——–> Continue reading

Dental pulp – Stem cells

Stem cells are the building blocks of every human body, they are capable of self-renewal meaning they can divide numerous times and maintain their undifferentiated state, and they are multipotent, meaning they have the potential to change——> Continue reading

Truth about eating out

No one can resist eating out. But, what we eat? When we eat? Where we eat? Matters a lot because the effects of badly – prepared and served food? ——> Continue reading

Are you facing the problem of urinary tract infection?

Urge to urinate frequently but only very less urine comes? Are you facing a pinning pain / burning sensation when you urinate? Do you have pain under the lower abdomen and belly button? You might be facing the problem of urinary infection?——–> Continue reading

How to improve immune system of your family?

We hear everybody taking about “Immune system” and  immediately we have many questions arising in our mind. God has created every human being with immune system that does a remarkable job of defending us against disease-causing microorganisms.——-> Continue reading

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