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Pooja Performed, Purpose and their Prices


Sl.No Pooja Types Purpose Prasadam

within India


other than India

1 Blessed Ghee For getting pregnant 100 300
2 Blessed castor Oil for Normal, safe and easy delivery 100 300
3 Punugu sattam For Skin related and other health related problems 100 300
4 Kattalai archanai 1 year regular archana on your/ child nakshathra date. Preferably pregnant women can opt for this archana up to their pregnancy period. 300 600
5 Niranthara kattlai archanai (life time) Archana for lifetime on your/ child nakshathra date 3000 5000
6 Navakodi nei theepam. Lighting Nine crore ghee lamp. For getting pregnant 75 300
7 Abishegam   400 400
8 Annadhanam for 100 devotees   2400
9 Golden Cradle After safe delivery baby is placed in cradle and rounded around the temple. 550
10 Ear Boring and Tonsuring  



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