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Chronicles of Devi Garbaratchambigai and Mullaivanathar

                Long ago, there where two sages Gowthama and Gargeya doing penance in ‘MULLAIVANAM’ – The Jasmine Forest. A couple Nidhruva and Vedikai where staying in the same ashram and to render service to these sages. Since the couple had no children they conveyed this to the sages. The sages advised the couple to worship Devi Garbaratchambigai. The couple prayed with extreme devotion and their prayers got answered immediately. Vedikai got conceived.

During the later stage of pregnancy, Nidhruva was away from home and Vedikai was in a faint state due to pregnancy strain. At that moment, a sage Urdhuvapada came to thier abode and asked for offerings. Due to her unconscious state of mind, she could not respond to that sage properly. The sage got enraged at and cursed her without knowing her state. Due to the curse, the foetus got aborted. Vedikai was shocked and in grief she prayed to the Devi. Devi appeared before her and protected her foetus, and preserved it in a sacred pot until it developed into a male child and presented it to the couple. The parents named their child as ‘Naidhuruvan’.

Struck by this great act of benevolence, the immensely grateful Vedikai prayed to the Devi to remain in this place and protect women and their foetus as she had done it for her. The Goddess accepted her prayer and called her as ‘Garbharakshambigai’ the savior of foetus. Later when Vedikai had no mother’s milk to feed her child Goddess sent ‘Kamadhenu‘ the divine cow to feed the child. Kamadhenu scratched the earth in front of the temple with her hoof and milk came out of the ground and formed a ‘Milk Tank’. This Tank exists even now in the name of ‘Ksheerakundam’


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