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Cultural n Heritage

  •        Janmashtami – Vrindhavan ka hero

Janmashtami is a one of the most important hindu festival, and marks the birth of Lord Krishna, one of the most sacred deities in hinduism.———> Continue reading

  •       Ganesha Chathurthi- Ganapathi bappa maurya

Ganesha Chathurthi is one of the most popular of hindu festivals. It’s the birthday of Lord Ganesha and considered to be most sacred. Normally, falls on the month of bhadrapada (August – September), that starts on 4th day of Shukla chathurthi (bright fortnight).——-> Continue reading

  •        Navarathri – A Shubh arambh

Navarathri is a festival conducted to praise the womanhood in the form of Maa Devi sakthi. On Every year during the lunar month of Karthikai (September-October), Navarathri is celebrated. As name depicts, “Nava-rathri” literally means “nine nights”.————-> Continue reading

  •        Diwali a blissful experience

Diwali is one of the biggest and the dazzling festivals of Hindus which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness in India ———> Continue reading

  •        Thirukarthigai Deepam

                     Karthigai Deepam is a typical festival of lights of the southern part of India and is an extension of diwali festival. ———> Continue reading

  •        Vaikunda ekadeshi- a way to reach lord

                     Vaikunta Ekadasi festival is more elaborately celebrated by Vaishnavites. And it is a great significant festival at Thirumala Thirupathi, Srirangam and Parthasarathy temple. And apart from these temples, all the temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations celebrate Vaikunta ekadesi.——–> Continue reading

  •        Christmas is the reason to celebrate the season  

                         Although it’s been a mood of festival, expectations and stress of exams are also so high with the lil expectations for the holidays! Thinking about Christmas  reminds me about my childhood, I remember in early twelve’s,  at the month of early December we friends used to play “charisma”,” Christ like” ———-> Continue reading

  •         Planning for a party?Here are some party ideas for making your party a real fun!!!!! 

                          When you think of December the first few things that come on top of everybody’s mind are Christmas, new years, party, holidays and fun. —–> Continue reading

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