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Are you suffering from leg cramps often??? Here is the yoga for you !!!

Many a times when I do my yoga classes, I get  leg cramps and sometimes everybody and especially kids while growing up  get leg cramps. My yoga tutor would give some few asanas to get rid of it.

Downward Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

This pose sends out energy throughout the body. It provides a great inversion, by increasing circulation

1. Start the asana with sitting on the floor on your hands and knees (Vajraj-asana pose),
2. Stretch your elbows and relax the upper back between the shoulder blades, while doing so you will feel that the arms fall into the shoulder blades.
3. Breathe out and lift the knees and draw your back backwards from the pelvis, so that your arms and back form one line.
4. Stretch your legs in such a way that you feel like someone pulling your legs and hips backwards and let your head hang down in a relaxed sort of way.
5. Now stretch out your arms. This will result in a stretching from two sides i.e. a stretching from the pelvis and a stretching from the arms. When the back and the chest are placed correctly, you will notice that you can quietly breathe in and out through the belly. You should not let your chest hang downwards or make your back extremely sunken.
6. While performing Adho Mukha Svanasana the back should be lengthened along its entire length.

Hold Adho Mukha Svanasana for anywhere around 30 to 60 seconds or as long as you are comfortable


ShashankasanaUntitled 1

  • Sit in Vajrasana
  • Inhaling, raise your arms.
  • Exhaling, bend forward and keep the forehead and forearms on the ground
  • Breathe normally.





  • Sit down with the legs extended In front.
  • Inhaling, raise your arms.Yoga ff
  • Exhaling, bend forward and try to hold the toes without bending your legs.
  • Keep your head down.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Starting with five breaths, gradually increase the number to twenty.








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Sloga to recite before you alight from bed


Samudra vasana devi parvata stana mandale

Visnu– patni namastubhyam pada sparsam ksanasvame


O Goddess, the consort of Lord Visnu, with verily the ocean as attire and the mountains as the bosom, I prostrate unto you. Please forgive me for stepping on you with my feet.

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Is it auspicious to have a basement in the house??? Vastu for Basement

basementAs the land price is souring high, there is need to construct the house with proper utilization of space . Whether it is independent house or a flat, there is a need for the basement now. When my friend was constructing the house, she had many questions in her mind whether it is auspicious to construct the house with basement and upon consulting a vastu expert he was suggesting constructing basement doesn’t cause any inauspicious to the house but only proper direction has to been chosen. Due to the limited availability of space, the construction of a basement has become a necessity in metropolitan cities. Some points to be considered while constructing the basement are

• The purpose of basement should be either for storage , garage or office but it should not be used for living or sleeping purpose

• Basement should be built in Northern or eastern direction of house and there should be more space in east and north . It is preferable to have only part-basement

• It should not, be located only on the South, South-East, or West side as the owner may suffer from losses in business, calamities, worries, disease and hinders the flow of money

• There should be an effort to give it a rectangular or square shape.

• Proper height of a basement should be atleast 9 feet.

Heavy stuff must not be kept in north or east of the basement.

• The basement should be painted white and not a dark colour

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Ganapathi Visarjan at Mumbai – 2013!!!


Ganapathi Visarjan unites all the beloved friends, family and relatives to get together sing bhajan wholeheartedly. I was in Mumbai visarjan this year  for the  Anant Chaturdashi and was lucky enough to get the darshan of Mumbai ka raja and Kethwadi The act of visargan teaches you to let go of something you love deeply and have nurtured so long . The largest Ganesh statues, on display to the public, are usually immersed on Anant Chaturdas.. There are no hard and fast rules as to when it’s done. Rather it’s up to personal preference. However, the immersions do follow a schedule and are only performed on selected days.  Here are the some of the very famous Ganesha’s

ganapathi 198ganapathi 217ganapathi 223ganapathi 257ganapathi 235ganapathi 189ganapathi 252ganapathi 292

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An Irresistible Pradhaman of Kerala- Ada Padhaman!!

Ada prathaman is one of the Malayali‘s favorite Kheer. This is a rich and exotic dessert recipe a Perfect accompaniment for dal boli we also call it as Boli Payasam. When I wanted to post this in my blog, coincidentally, my hubby also asked me to make this for the third day of Onam. So I made this and this recipe is so simple and easy to make have try…

 Ingredientsada pradhaman

 Ada – 1/2 cup

Jaggery – 250 gms

Ghee – 2-3 tsp

3rd coconut milk – 2 cups

2nd coconut milk – 1 3/4 cups

1st coconut milk – 1 1/4cup

Coconut pieces – 1-2 tbsp

Cashew nut – a handful

Cardamom – 2-3 crushed


 1. Cook the ada in 2-3 cups of boiling water, close until it becomes soft. Strain the ada and wash it with cold water.

2. In a heavy bottomed vessel add crushed jaggery mix with 3 tbsp of water & allow it to melt. Strain the jaggery.

3. Combine melted jaggery with cooked ada & 2 tsp of ghee. Cook on low – medium flame till the mixture becomes thick and start separating from the pan.

4. Add 3rd and 2nd coconut milk in sequence. Cook on medium -low flame and stir in between. When the coconut milk reduce to half the quantity, add the 1st coconut milk and stir well. Cook for 3-5 minutes.

5. After adding the 1st coconut milk, do not cook for a long time.

6. Add crushed cardamoms, before removing from the stove.

7. Heat a 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan & fry the coconut slices & cashew nuts. Garnish and Serve hot Prathaman topped over hot Boli…

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Colourful day with a colorful feast- Onam Special

Onam, the celebration begins marking the DSC02025colorful beginning of each Keralite (Malayali) with Happy and Prosperous New Year that happens to be in the month of Chingam (September). It is a ten days Grand gala starting on the day Vinayaka Chathurthi or Atham Nakshathra day and completes on the tenth day of THIRUVONAM day, we all used collectively prepare for Pookalam (the rangoli with flowers), with ‘Onathappan’ (cone in the middle of the Pookalam) and we invite some friends and relatives for a  ‘Onasadhya.’ Later on are the cultural activities like Pulikali, Thiruvathirakali and other cultural activities like Valamkali (Boat race) and so on.

Myth behind Onam:vamananDSC02016

A very interesting legendary story associated with Onam festival is God Indra, the son of Kashyapa and Aditi was defeated in a war with Mahabali, the King of Asuras. The demon king – Mahabali – used to rule Kerala. In that time everybody lived in peace and prosperity. All the people were happy about his rule. Seeing this plight of her son, Aditi wailed with grief and pain. Kashyapa asked her to observe the ritual of Payovrata, which had to be started with the twelfth night of the half Karthika. She observed all the rituals pure heartedly. Appeased from her devotion, Lord Narayana appeared before Aditi and promised to help her. He ascended on earth through Aditi’s womb as Vamana. Vamana disguised as Brahman bikshu and approached Mahabali for alms.  Mahabali was known for his alms and never say ‘no’ to anyone. Vamana approached Mahabali in disguise asked what he need. Brahmin said that “he has no place to live and needed only ‘three steps of land’ (moonu adi mannu). Mahabali gave him the alms and asked him to measure the land and therefore he measures bhoomi for first, sky for second ask place for third Mahabali bends and bow down his head for third thereby pushing him down to Pathala loka and gave him ‘Vishnu sayujyam’ with a boon of visiting his own people on this day of Onam and on a mark of respect to him we make Floral rangoli and Full sadhya.

     The aforementioned story enriches the meaning of Onam and on the ninth day of Onam, the idols are made of sticky clay and are painted red. They are placed on the house after a thorough cleansing and decorations. These idols are called as ‘Trikkakra Appan’. This is a unique structure with four faces and flat top representing Lord Vamana, incarnation of Lord Vishnu and King Mahabali also referred as Onathappan. It is believed that Vamana had sent Mahabali to Pathala at Trikkakra in Ernakulam District of Kerala. The place where the holy feet (Trikkal) of Vishnu touched came to be known as Trikkakra. This later became Trikkakra.

    While welcoming King Mahabali to the homes, people place Trikkakra Appan on a bed made of rice flour and is decked with flowers called Athapookalam – the special floral arrangement starts on day of Atham and hence called by name.

Sadhya the Meal

 And whether its Rich or poor,sadhya everybody prepares Onasadhya in a grand manner as we people of Kerala are extremely devotional and passionate when it comes to Onasadhya. It’s a saying that ‘Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam’. Meaning that Men go to any extend of selling all their possessions for one Onam Sadhya.

Earlier, Onasadhya used to be elaborate with about 64 mandatory dishes – eight varieties of each eight dishes. At that time even three banana leaves were not enough to serve and accommodate all the dishes. But now this is a nine course Vegetarian meals with 11-13 essential dishes which is compulsorily sat on floor and consumed on plantain leaf with their hands. Traditional Onam Sadhya comprises of different varieties of curries, fries, pappadams, pickles of various kinds, payasams and prathamans or puddings of various descriptions. Fruits and digestives are also part of the meal.


The food has to be served only on a tender Banana leaf, laid with the end to the left and meal is served on a mat laid on the floor. A strict order of serving the dishes is followed with clear directions of serving in which part of the banana leaf.
Before starting the meal the First full course meal is served to Lord Ganapathi in front of a Lamp. And then served to family members and friends…


How to serve Sadhya:

        The distinct order of serving the Grand feast of Onam. First to start with is the salt then is the Pappad on the extreme left. On top of pappad is banana then is the banana chips, sarkarapuratti fries are served. After this is ginger lime and mango pickles are served. Next comes the Pachadi followed by  kitchadi. On the right is ‘cabbage thoran’ is served. Then comes a thoran made of beans and avial followed by ‘kootu curry’, kalan, erisserry and olan to the centre with injipuli.

Rice is served on the bottom of the leaf with ‘Parippu/ Dal’ and ghee is poured on the top. Then comes the Sambar followed by rasam. Desserts begin after that with ada prathamans or palada followed by ‘Kadala Parippu Payasam’ or kothambhu Payasam and completed with butter milk. This is most colorful arrangement of food on the lush green leaf making a feast for all the senses.









Palada prathaman

Happy Onam to All!!!

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Are suffering from Kuja dosha the popular Cheevai Dosha or born on Tuesday…

chevvaiToday let’s discuss about Mars, a slogan for Tuesday born or whose ruling planet is mars and remedies for problems associated with Mars.

Chevvai is son of lord Shiva. Once the Lord Shiva was in deep meditation perspiration from his third eye fell on earth, from the eye sweat drop on the earth. From that sweat he has born of male child later on known as Angaragan (Chevvai). Chevvai is worshipped in the town of Vaitheeswaran kovil which is also called Pullirukkuvelur means Rig vedam (Irukku), Jatayu (Pull), Sambadi, the Surya (Vel) are said to have worshiped Shiva here and hence the name Pullirukkuvelur.

  • The ruling deity of Chevvai / Kuja(Mars) is Lord Muruga.
  • Kuja Dosha is mainly considered during the time of marriage and is considered to bring in bad luck to reduce the effect and related problems recite Subramanya sthotram and ashtakam daily early in the morning for 7 days. After that recite Kuja Dosha Nivarana Sloka for seventy times.

“Dharani Gardha Sambhutham  Vidhyuth Kanthi Samaprabham

Kumaram Sakthihastham tham Mangalam Pranamamyaham”

  •  Lite lemon lamp (with the skin of a lemon) on Tuesdays/fridays during Raahu Kalam near Durga Devi idol, and chant Dhukka nivarna ashtakam with Holy Fast on Tuesdays to nullify the effect.
  • On Last Tuesday visit nearby Murugan temple; do Archana with red flowers and donate red clothing with Red Grams tied in red cloth to poor near the temple.
  • Donate red colored flower with red blouse piece, red kumkum to married women for seven Tuesdays.
  • Light a ghee lamp with red cotton wick near Kuja idol in Navagraha sannidhi.
  • If the Kuja is at 8th place ashtama Kuja, visit Vaideeswaran Kovil in Tamilnadu and perform milk abishekam on either Kirthika star or Shashti or on Tuesday.
  • Keep water in a copper tumbler overnight and drink the same water other day morning.
  • Feed Red dal mixed with jaggery and feed the cow this also will benefit a lot.

Fast on Tuesday
Donate : Masoor / Toor Dhal, Red Sandal, Copper Utensils, Deer Musk, Red Cloth, Feeding Brahmins, Coral
Take Medicinal Bath with Red Sandal, Red Flowers, Assafoetida, Jatamnasi (Indian Spike Nard)
Do archana to Suyamvara Parvathi with Red Arali, shenbagam and raktha pushpanjali.
Wear Red cloth
Prasatham (Food): Rice mixed with tur dhal like Besi bele bath / sambar..

If possible visit Vaitheeswaran koil, the third Navagraha temple near sirkazhi, Nagai district in Tamil Nadu, India.

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Enhance your luck and romance with lotus crystal candle

                    A  house with well planned with proper aesthetic beauty will not only enhance the beauty but also contributes to the  good environment and there by  you can achieve the positive flow of energies. The whole plant of lotus is divine, as Goddess Lakshmi resides  in there. A good lotus flower is usually shown to have blossomed and have many beautiful petals around it and lotus flower represents peace and purity.  As lotus by itself have the properties of growing up to the sky and shines when the where there is a sun., which represents that whenever trouble comes up, no matter how  much obstacles you have ahead, you can rise above and let the beautiful flower inside your heart bloom and get a peace of mind. Crystal makes the lotus symbol even more powerful in emitting good positive energy and dissolving the bad ones. lotus


Place in the center of the living room – Your wealth will increase

Place in the Southwest of your Bedroom – Your romance will improve

Place in your office – To get your deals done and remove obstacles

Place in the home where negative energies – To reduce the effect of the negative energy and improve the effect of positive energy ( Negative Energies – Sharp pillars, overhead beams or anything pointed protruding).

Points to be noted

  • When lighting the candle you should concentrate on what you would like to bring into your life whether it be wealth, health, career or romance for you, your partner, children, parents . Have good positive thoughts and lit them.
  • Put them close to a window and they will reflect sunlight( especially morning sun rays) and peaceful energy in your environment. And this is the way to energize your crystal and place it where to want to place them.
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Experiences of travelling alone to Goa, India

As Rosalia De Castro’s quotes ” I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it “..

Set out to unwind from a hustle  and bustle of a metro living, I pack my bags to visit Goa a destination suitable for all types of travelers travelling alone, with friends, with spouse or with family.

I landed in an gloomy and dark evening in the last week of  August in GOA , just a post monsoon shower had finished its major job & still drizzling and got out of the airport headed to a Resort in CandolimBeach(Hire a pre paid taxi outside the arrival hall, which will save you 30% )  .lemon tree

After 45 minutes of drive , reached the Lemon Tree Resort ..It is a nice Value for Moneyresort to unwind for a weekend . After the check in formalities and I got refreshed to set out to the first outing in the GOA (Taking the Resort manager number and business card , may be handy so time ). GOA is a single traveller friendly place , once you are out of resort you can hire a bike and roam around wherever you want.However i Hired a car with chauffeur and headed direct to Baga Beach which is 15 minutes away (its best to negotiate for the return journey as well, otherwise getting a cab in the night is tough …Take the cab driver’s mobile number and pay him after completing return trip)

brittosLanded up in Brittoos,a nice seaside shack. The ambience is so nice with awith a good music , dim lighting with a candle light in the table and looking into rough sea it was amazing set up for an evening dinner.  Afterengrossed into the surroundings then came the feast , it was an awesome sea foods from Fish fry to Grilled Crabs to satay Chicken and Pork ribs. I indulge in my food with a glass of Shiraz red wine(Imported liquors  are very cheap in GOA , indulge as much when you are here) and occasionally look out to see the other travellers around me in the nearby tables . It is good to be in a world where you don’t know any faces surrounds you and No One cares about you as well ..

After an gourmet treat , i stroll in the sands of the Baga beach ..it was a soothing experience hearing a sounds of roaring rough waves and a music coming out of nearby Shacks . I immersed into the enchanting beach ambience and forgotten all my demanding busy work life in the metro . After an hour into the self actualisation mode , suddenly realised that the night is still young at 11 pm..It is time to head Tito’s Night Club , an half kilo meter away from Brittoos .  As usual stag entry is not allowed , as a single traveller that’s a big issue in entering into a Night club on a Friday nite . You can realise a “Women Power ” that time , single women is allowed without a cover charge !! Hurrah !!..baga beach

After letting down the hair’s in the dance floor  for 30 minutes realised that the Club is overhyped and not the great crowd which you  want hang out. Just both the hands have merged in the clock  and it’s time to do some more PUB hopping in the streets of Baga (Avoid dark lanes and shady looking bars ) ..Had a late night ice cream stick in the wee hours of an greyingFridaynight ..Oops it’s time to windup and head back to the resort (Call the driver , 10 min before you want to leave) .. While in the car just closed the eyes and realise that Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection..

While entering the main gates of the resort couple of stray cows nodded its head , i don’t know whether it is saying Good Night or Good Morning  whatever is it , i also nodded and got into the room . Crushed in the Queen  size bed and  quickly got into a deserving sleep..

Looking forward the Day Two !!..

– Harini

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Struggling with too many hurdles in life!!! A Mudra for you..

Today being Ganesha Chathurthi,  the resurrection of elephant God who is known to Remove Obstacles in our life. So his day let’s try a Mudra that boost our spirits to overcome all hurdles of our life and there by  develops the traits like love, courage and openness to face the world. ganesha mudra

  • Sit comfortably on a yoga mat in the Lotus Pose (Padma Asana) or any comfortable position.
  • Bring both hands in front of your chest with your elbows bent.
  • Hold your left hand in front of your chest with the palm facing outward
  • Now grasp the left hand with the right hand, with the back of the right hand facing outward.
  • In this position, your right palm should be facing towards your chest. Do a deep inhalation
  • On exhalation, try to pull both arms apart while keeping all eight fingers locked. Feel the stretch along your shoulders and chest.
  • Inhale once more and relax your arms while maintaining the Ganesh Mudra lock.
  • Repeat this process six times.
  • Interchange your hands, with your right palm facing outwards and the left palm facing inwards and repeat this process.
  • Release all tension from the arms and bring them close to your chest so that your hands are touching your sternum.
  • Sit quietly and focus on your breath.

This is a beneficial for the people who suffer from heart ailments like blockage due to high cholesterol as it stimulates heart activities by stimulating heart muscles  opens all the bronchial tubes and releases any type of tension in this area. Also it opens the fourth chakra and improves courage and confidence.

Ganapathi Bappa Mourya

Mangala Murthi loukariya!!!

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Have you selected a Ganesha Idol for your home- Ideas and myth behind selection of Ganesha

Ganesha Chathuthi!!!  it’s time to celebrate, have fun and sing bhajans on him.  In Mumbai, festival wind starts to blow prior a month for Ganesha chaturthi starting from decorating the mandal and making arrangements to bring him.

Every Hindu house would start celebrating prior by cleaning the houses, decorating their home and start to invite friends and relatives to get his darshan and blessings. When I was newly wed my granny elucidated me about the some significant tip to be noted while selecting a Ganesha and inviting him home…ganesha1 333

Selecting the Idol

In  western part of India, people would book the Ganesha prior a month and depending on what murthi their ancestors keep at home. Murthi differ according to their customs and beliefs. Some are Siddivinayak, Lalbaug raja, Laxmi Ganesha, Tirupati Balaji Ganesha, Adi Mysori, Asth Vinayak, Peshavai, Jaswandi Vinayaka, Dagdusheth pheta, Shivrekar and Veena Sarawathi Vinayaka. In South Indians, mostly go on the same day to select the idol and always prefer Clay one without painting.

Material used:                                            

Clay Idol is always environment safe because during visarjan it dissolves immediately when immersed in the sea without polluting the water. But nowadays the Idols are made of plaster of paris with little clay.

If you know where the make the Ganesha’s Idol, it s better to contact them well in advance and you could always request them to be made of clay to save our mother nature..

Idol selection:

1. Trunk Position: Ganesha whose trunk turns left is a best choice and would not opt for the one which turns right because, right trunk facing Ganesha needs a strict disciplined Pooja should be performed without any mistakes.  His trunk represents to be efficient.

2. Right size and Pleasant features: Choose right size of the Idol according to the custom and normally size should be an odd with pleasant features like small eyes, big head, long ear and four hands  with axe, rope, modak and one for blessing, And Large stomach, one tusk and Mouse at the bottom  is a ideal deity to be selected.

Symbolism of GajananaGanesha fever

Elephant Ears and Big Head: Listen Well, Think and Analyze

Trunk: Discriminate and Be Efficient

One Tusk: Evaluate and Decide

Pot- Belly: Digest and Store All Knowledge

Four Hands:

Axe– To remove negativity in and around us

Rope: Draws Us Closer to Him

Modak:  Rewards and blessing to his Devotees

Mouse: Obedient Mind

3.Choosing a Standing or Seated Idol:

 It is always best custom to select seated Idol for household symbolizing God will stay in our house. However in mandal they prefer standing Idol.

4.Decorating Ganesha:

 Decoration is an art as we dress our lil ones we can dress as per our wish and wealth like some artificial ornaments, silk dhotis with illumination. South Indians have tradition of keeping an umbrella (Pillar Kudai) and Garlands made of erukkam poo and dhurava grass.

Placement of Ganesha:

Ganesha idol is received home with Mangalarthi and placed facing east on your living room. This ritual is called ‘Pranapratishhtha’. After this is the ‘Shhodashopachara’ (16 ways of paying tribute).

To know more click here: Pooja procedure for Ganesha Chathurthi

For More Slokas on Lord Ganesha 


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Ganesh Chathurthi Slogas

Ganeshji is remembered on chauturthi, the 4th day of every
month of the Hindu calendar.Kids will be excited to see the Ganesha’s idol at
home as most of the them love ganesha.

1st day Mooshika vahanam

1st day Mooshika vahanam

Sloga that needs to be recited when you
perform Abishegam are

Om Ganeshava namah

Om Dhundhira jaya namah

Om Herambaya namah

Om Vakratundaya namah

Om Shoorpakaranaya namah

Om Vighneshaya namah

Om Gajanananay namah

Om Lambodariiya namah

Om Ekdantiiyah namah

Om Vinayakaya namah

Om Vikatiiya namah

Om kapilaya namah

Om Ashapoorkaya namah

Om Dhoomraketiive namah

Om Mohavariitiiya namah

Om Sarvanandavaskarkaya namah


Sloga When performing the Pooja


Ganadhipa namasteastu Umaputraghanashana

Ekdantabhaktreti tatha mooshak vahana

Vinayakesha putreti sarva siddhi pradayaka

Kumar gurve tubhyam poojaneeyah prayatnatah



Gajananam Bhootha Ganaathi Sevitham,

Kavitha Jambu Manasara Bakshitham

Uma Sutham, Soka Vinaasa Haaranam,

Namaami Vigneshwara, Phaadha pankajam




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Check to construct your Educational Institution properly!!! Vastu for Educational Institutions

Educational institution plays a vital role in upbringing of the child. It is the place where your child grooms well , learns to adjust and understand about the knowledge. So a positive environment is so well necessary for the educational institutions. So it is essential to construct this place according to the vastu principles so that students can achieve their desires  in best and hence forth brings a good name for the institutions. Some of the vastu principles to be taken care while constructing a educational institution are.

  • Entrance – Make sure the entrance faces east or northeducation
  • Staff Room – North western direction can  have staff rooms.
  • Office– Office should be in the south-east direction and the doors should be placed in the north or the west direction. Dean’s room should be situated on the south or west side of the school or institution but be careful that the sitting position of the principal must be north facing.
  • Play Ground– If it is an open play ground locate it at the eastern portion.
  • CanteenSouth eastern direction can have the canteen or pantry.
  • Classrooms – The blackboard is best placed in the west with the entrance in the eastern side. The students must sit facing the north or east. There should be no beams or cross beams in the classroom. Color of the walls should be white, half white or cream.
  • Library – For a better atmosphere you can have the library placed in the western area.
  • Electrical Equipment – Electronic goods such as invertors and electric meters must be cautiously installed in the southeast of the premises.
  • Halls – it is best to have  halls in the north  direction with entrance door in the east direction.
  • Laboratories –The southern or western side can have the laboratories
  • Restrooms –  North western corner of the whole building can have the restrooms
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A Pilgrim to remove obstacles in your life…A trip to Pillayarpatti Temple

   Pillayar patti is a small village surrounded by green fields in the Sivaganga region of Tamilnadu state. To reach there I began from Bangalore to sivaganga, a small tinsel town 70 kms away from Madurai.

Pillaiyar utsavam

Pillaiyar utsavam

 Have you seen this, my hubby asked? A Cave temple! Enormous beauty with architectural symphony it’s a master piece to know our men’s architectural values. And my family was a good reason for me to visit. Lord Vinayaga is the God of Divine wisdom and knowledge, No temple is there without Vinayaga idol but a separate temple for Vinayaga is only at Pillayarpatti in Sivaganga district Tamilnadu state. This is an ancient cave temple built during the period of Mahendra Pallava over 1600 years ago.  Presently, the temple is under the administration of Nagarathar community. There are only four Arjuna kshetras in South India – Tirupudai Marudur in Tirunelveli district, Tiruvudai Marudur in Thanjavur district, Sri Shailam in Andhra Pradesh and Pillayarpatti in Sivaganga district.



Myth of the Temple:

It is said that Vinayagar satisfies the wishes of his devotees like Karpaga vruksham, hence he is also known “Karpaga Vinayagar”. Here Lord Vinayaga is 6 feet tall of in an excavated cave, off of a hill in the precincts of the temple appears with two arms with trunk curled towards his right. Also he is seen seated facing toward North hence called Valampuri Vinayagar and he is seated without Angusapasam, with his legs folded and stomach not touching the Asanam in the form of “Artha Padma” Asanam. One who worships Valampuri Vinayagar will be blessed with all wealth.

The deity of this temple is known as “Marudeeswarar” as Marudha tree is the shtala virutcha, the Temple tree (Botanical name is Termanalia Arjuna)It is said in that Lord Kubher the Lord of wealth has worshipped this temple.

Other popular worshipping here is Devi Kathiyayini amman at this temple for releiving Chevvai dosham for early marriage.

VINAYAGAR CHATURTHI celebrated every year on Aavani is the important festival of this temple. This festival is celebrated for 10 days in a grand manner. The festival begins with Kappukattal (flag hoisting) on the first day, with Vinayagar procession in different vahanams every day for 10 days. Theerthavari is celebrated on the 10th day. During the midday puja, a preparation called Kozhukattai in Tamil/ Modak in hindi in 18 measures of rice and is offered as Nivedhyam. And ended with Five Gods come in procession on gold and silver vahanams at night

1st day Mooshika vahanam

1st day Mooshika vahanam

2nd day Lion car

2nd day Lion car

3rd day boodha vahanam

3rd day boodha vahanam

4th day lotus car

4th day lotus car

5th day bull car

5th day bull car

6th day Elephant car

6th day Elephant car

7th day Peacock car

7th day Peacock car

8th day Horse car

8th day Horse car

9th day Elephant car

9th day Elephant car

10 th day of utsavam

10 th day of utsavam

Prasadam Speciality on Vinayagar Chathurthi Day:  

A single giant Kozhukattai prepared with 18 measures of rice, 2 measures of Til (Ellu in Tamil), 6 measures of Dhal, 50 coconuts, one measure of cow ghee, 100 gms cardamom, 40 kg Jaggery is offered to Lord as Nivedhyam.  The whole mixture is packed in a cloth and placed in the big rice basket (Anna Koodai in Tamil) in the temple kitchen.  This will then be put into an Anda, big bowl and tied in the kitchen.
This will be boiled for two whole days continuously. Next day after the preparation is cooled; this will be tied to a long wood and carried to the shrine for Nivedhyam and it would be made into pieces and offered to devotees as Prasad.

How to reach Pillayarpatti Temple:

Click here to know the Pooja Timings and Pooja’s performed

Click here to know the Address and number:

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Lip smacking crab omelette – Just give it a try…

I have tried Crab omelet and my family omelet 4loved it a lot and I’ll make it in the weekends sometimes. After making many gravy recipes with crab, now it’s time for me to try a dry recipe. My hubby told about this recipe he had this at Madurai.Madurai is an awesome place to enjoy and relax! Food at Madurai are cheap and exceptionally tasty!  Like Kari Dosai at Konar Mess, Nandu Omlette at amma mess and Jil Jil Jigarthanda are some…I decided to try this after tasting it in my work. Nandu Omlet is a simple and easy recipe to make it at home. Try once at home, you will also realize how easy and tasty this is. My family loved it when I made this at home. So why don’t you also impress your family with this simple dish?


Crabmeat- 1 cup

Garlic-3 nos (peeled and minced)

Onion -1 peeled and roughly chopped

Green chilies – 3nos (finely chopped)

Salt to taste

Pepper -1/2 tsp

Egg- 2nos

Oil to cook

Celery to Garnish

 Method: omlet 2

  1. In a Pan cook the crab remove the meat and mince it.
  2. In a thick pan add little oil and fry the minced garlic followed by onion and chilies. While sizzling, add the minced crabmeat and continue sautéing. omlet1
  3. Add little salt and ground pepper and saute for 5 minutes with lids closed until crab is nicely cooked and aromatic.
  4. Transfer the crabmeat mixture in a bowl and let it cool.
  5. Meanwhile, beat the eggs in another bowl until fluffy. When the crabmeat mixture cools down, mix it with the beaten stir nicely to mix all ingredients. omlet
  6. In a non-stick pan, grease the pan with oil. Pour the crab meat mixture cook in low flame until golden brown. Carefully flip over to fry the other side. Serve the cooked omelet with chopped cilantros.





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A simple first aid for Heart attack- A Mudra to prevent it..

Apan-Vayu Mudra

(A Life saver mudra and First aid for Heart attack)


Bend your Index finger let it touch the ball of your thumb. At the same time, the tips of the middle and ring finger touch the tip of your thumb. Extend your little finger do this with each hand. This finger position works like an injection in case of heart attack.

Regular practice is assurance to prevent heart attacks, palpitations. It’s also known as the Mritsanjivani Mudra for arresting heart attack. Practice this for 15 mins daily with breathing Pranayama techniques of slow deep inhale and exhale. This Finger position is a first aid for a heart attack.. it acts faster than a Nitro glycerin patch

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Beware of upcoming relationship issues… check to know whether your victims…

In Mumbai court rooms are jam-packed even on thedivorce city outskirts it’s been an unimmaginable bitter reality, there is no difference of people both rich and poor, educated and ill literate couples are seen in dozens to seek divorce varied reasons but all unite at a simple issue that is inability to live together. Rupee value is falling and so the relationship impact is seen on the household, frustrations are increasing over period of time and bonding among the relations is declining due to stress; Job tension??, Loan repayment?? Kid’s education?? And so on…. provokes family scandals they once did and divorce is no longer out of bounds.It’s important to understand how stressful events affect your marriage. Since you can’t avoid it, you have to be able to recognize and manage it.

Just a decade ago, divorce was a dirty word in our conservative India. All of a sudden everyone and one among us are getting divorced. In every 10 Indian marriages 1 end in divorce it’s a really fast growing one.

To cope up with this and to manage a good and healthy family life needs a lot of maturity and positive attitude towards things…

  • Support your partner when they are in trouble; don’t prick on their mistakes be polite to them.
  • Have time to talk and share your views and opinions (Try to talk about both achieved and future action plan needed).
  • Break down your goals into small, always watch your steps.
  • Any relation has both good and bad time, so give a space for healing.
  • Start accepting your partner’s positive and negative part because everybody has both sides.
  • Surround yourself with your true friends and family. Talk to them and see what their suggestions are
  • Intimacy gives your partner a chance to support you and in return, you are more likely to support them when they are stressed.Being intimate actually helps relieve tension and anxiety.

I strongly don’t think divorce is an easiest thing that can be obtained but it can be precluded when both partners know and execute their roles and responsibilities properly.

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