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Is it auspicious to have a basement in the house??? Vastu for Basement

basementAs the land price is souring high, there is need to construct the house with proper utilization of space . Whether it is independent house or a flat, there is a need for the basement now. When my friend was constructing the house, she had many questions in her mind whether it is auspicious to construct the house with basement and upon consulting a vastu expert he was suggesting constructing basement doesn’t cause any inauspicious to the house but only proper direction has to been chosen. Due to the limited availability of space, the construction of a basement has become a necessity in metropolitan cities. Some points to be considered while constructing the basement are

• The purpose of basement should be either for storage , garage or office but it should not be used for living or sleeping purpose

• Basement should be built in Northern or eastern direction of house and there should be more space in east and north . It is preferable to have only part-basement

• It should not, be located only on the South, South-East, or West side as the owner may suffer from losses in business, calamities, worries, disease and hinders the flow of money

• There should be an effort to give it a rectangular or square shape.

• Proper height of a basement should be atleast 9 feet.

Heavy stuff must not be kept in north or east of the basement.

• The basement should be painted white and not a dark colour

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