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Are suffering from Kuja dosha the popular Cheevai Dosha or born on Tuesday…

chevvaiToday let’s discuss about Mars, a slogan for Tuesday born or whose ruling planet is mars and remedies for problems associated with Mars.

Chevvai is son of lord Shiva. Once the Lord Shiva was in deep meditation perspiration from his third eye fell on earth, from the eye sweat drop on the earth. From that sweat he has born of male child later on known as Angaragan (Chevvai). Chevvai is worshipped in the town of Vaitheeswaran kovil which is also called Pullirukkuvelur means Rig vedam (Irukku), Jatayu (Pull), Sambadi, the Surya (Vel) are said to have worshiped Shiva here and hence the name Pullirukkuvelur.

  • The ruling deity of Chevvai / Kuja(Mars) is Lord Muruga.
  • Kuja Dosha is mainly considered during the time of marriage and is considered to bring in bad luck to reduce the effect and related problems recite Subramanya sthotram and ashtakam daily early in the morning for 7 days. After that recite Kuja Dosha Nivarana Sloka for seventy times.

“Dharani Gardha Sambhutham  Vidhyuth Kanthi Samaprabham

Kumaram Sakthihastham tham Mangalam Pranamamyaham”

  •  Lite lemon lamp (with the skin of a lemon) on Tuesdays/fridays during Raahu Kalam near Durga Devi idol, and chant Dhukka nivarna ashtakam with Holy Fast on Tuesdays to nullify the effect.
  • On Last Tuesday visit nearby Murugan temple; do Archana with red flowers and donate red clothing with Red Grams tied in red cloth to poor near the temple.
  • Donate red colored flower with red blouse piece, red kumkum to married women for seven Tuesdays.
  • Light a ghee lamp with red cotton wick near Kuja idol in Navagraha sannidhi.
  • If the Kuja is at 8th place ashtama Kuja, visit Vaideeswaran Kovil in Tamilnadu and perform milk abishekam on either Kirthika star or Shashti or on Tuesday.
  • Keep water in a copper tumbler overnight and drink the same water other day morning.
  • Feed Red dal mixed with jaggery and feed the cow this also will benefit a lot.

Fast on Tuesday
Donate : Masoor / Toor Dhal, Red Sandal, Copper Utensils, Deer Musk, Red Cloth, Feeding Brahmins, Coral
Take Medicinal Bath with Red Sandal, Red Flowers, Assafoetida, Jatamnasi (Indian Spike Nard)
Do archana to Suyamvara Parvathi with Red Arali, shenbagam and raktha pushpanjali.
Wear Red cloth
Prasatham (Food): Rice mixed with tur dhal like Besi bele bath / sambar..

If possible visit Vaitheeswaran koil, the third Navagraha temple near sirkazhi, Nagai district in Tamil Nadu, India.

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