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Enhance your luck and romance with lotus crystal candle

                    A  house with well planned with proper aesthetic beauty will not only enhance the beauty but also contributes to the  good environment and there by  you can achieve the positive flow of energies. The whole plant of lotus is divine, as Goddess Lakshmi resides  in there. A good lotus flower is usually shown to have blossomed and have many beautiful petals around it and lotus flower represents peace and purity.  As lotus by itself have the properties of growing up to the sky and shines when the where there is a sun., which represents that whenever trouble comes up, no matter how  much obstacles you have ahead, you can rise above and let the beautiful flower inside your heart bloom and get a peace of mind. Crystal makes the lotus symbol even more powerful in emitting good positive energy and dissolving the bad ones. lotus


Place in the center of the living room – Your wealth will increase

Place in the Southwest of your Bedroom – Your romance will improve

Place in your office – To get your deals done and remove obstacles

Place in the home where negative energies – To reduce the effect of the negative energy and improve the effect of positive energy ( Negative Energies – Sharp pillars, overhead beams or anything pointed protruding).

Points to be noted

  • When lighting the candle you should concentrate on what you would like to bring into your life whether it be wealth, health, career or romance for you, your partner, children, parents . Have good positive thoughts and lit them.
  • Put them close to a window and they will reflect sunlight( especially morning sun rays) and peaceful energy in your environment. And this is the way to energize your crystal and place it where to want to place them.

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