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Experiences of travelling alone to Goa, India

As Rosalia De Castro’s quotes ” I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it “..

Set out to unwind from a hustle  and bustle of a metro living, I pack my bags to visit Goa a destination suitable for all types of travelers travelling alone, with friends, with spouse or with family.

I landed in an gloomy and dark evening in the last week of  August in GOA , just a post monsoon shower had finished its major job & still drizzling and got out of the airport headed to a Resort in CandolimBeach(Hire a pre paid taxi outside the arrival hall, which will save you 30% )  .lemon tree

After 45 minutes of drive , reached the Lemon Tree Resort ..It is a nice Value for Moneyresort to unwind for a weekend . After the check in formalities and I got refreshed to set out to the first outing in the GOA (Taking the Resort manager number and business card , may be handy so time ). GOA is a single traveller friendly place , once you are out of resort you can hire a bike and roam around wherever you want.However i Hired a car with chauffeur and headed direct to Baga Beach which is 15 minutes away (its best to negotiate for the return journey as well, otherwise getting a cab in the night is tough …Take the cab driver’s mobile number and pay him after completing return trip)

brittosLanded up in Brittoos,a nice seaside shack. The ambience is so nice with awith a good music , dim lighting with a candle light in the table and looking into rough sea it was amazing set up for an evening dinner.  Afterengrossed into the surroundings then came the feast , it was an awesome sea foods from Fish fry to Grilled Crabs to satay Chicken and Pork ribs. I indulge in my food with a glass of Shiraz red wine(Imported liquors  are very cheap in GOA , indulge as much when you are here) and occasionally look out to see the other travellers around me in the nearby tables . It is good to be in a world where you don’t know any faces surrounds you and No One cares about you as well ..

After an gourmet treat , i stroll in the sands of the Baga beach ..it was a soothing experience hearing a sounds of roaring rough waves and a music coming out of nearby Shacks . I immersed into the enchanting beach ambience and forgotten all my demanding busy work life in the metro . After an hour into the self actualisation mode , suddenly realised that the night is still young at 11 pm..It is time to head Tito’s Night Club , an half kilo meter away from Brittoos .  As usual stag entry is not allowed , as a single traveller that’s a big issue in entering into a Night club on a Friday nite . You can realise a “Women Power ” that time , single women is allowed without a cover charge !! Hurrah !!..baga beach

After letting down the hair’s in the dance floor  for 30 minutes realised that the Club is overhyped and not the great crowd which you  want hang out. Just both the hands have merged in the clock  and it’s time to do some more PUB hopping in the streets of Baga (Avoid dark lanes and shady looking bars ) ..Had a late night ice cream stick in the wee hours of an greyingFridaynight ..Oops it’s time to windup and head back to the resort (Call the driver , 10 min before you want to leave) .. While in the car just closed the eyes and realise that Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection..

While entering the main gates of the resort couple of stray cows nodded its head , i don’t know whether it is saying Good Night or Good Morning  whatever is it , i also nodded and got into the room . Crushed in the Queen  size bed and  quickly got into a deserving sleep..

Looking forward the Day Two !!..

– Harini

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