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Have you selected a Ganesha Idol for your home- Ideas and myth behind selection of Ganesha

Ganesha Chathuthi!!!  it’s time to celebrate, have fun and sing bhajans on him.  In Mumbai, festival wind starts to blow prior a month for Ganesha chaturthi starting from decorating the mandal and making arrangements to bring him.

Every Hindu house would start celebrating prior by cleaning the houses, decorating their home and start to invite friends and relatives to get his darshan and blessings. When I was newly wed my granny elucidated me about the some significant tip to be noted while selecting a Ganesha and inviting him home…ganesha1 333

Selecting the Idol

In  western part of India, people would book the Ganesha prior a month and depending on what murthi their ancestors keep at home. Murthi differ according to their customs and beliefs. Some are Siddivinayak, Lalbaug raja, Laxmi Ganesha, Tirupati Balaji Ganesha, Adi Mysori, Asth Vinayak, Peshavai, Jaswandi Vinayaka, Dagdusheth pheta, Shivrekar and Veena Sarawathi Vinayaka. In South Indians, mostly go on the same day to select the idol and always prefer Clay one without painting.

Material used:                                            

Clay Idol is always environment safe because during visarjan it dissolves immediately when immersed in the sea without polluting the water. But nowadays the Idols are made of plaster of paris with little clay.

If you know where the make the Ganesha’s Idol, it s better to contact them well in advance and you could always request them to be made of clay to save our mother nature..

Idol selection:

1. Trunk Position: Ganesha whose trunk turns left is a best choice and would not opt for the one which turns right because, right trunk facing Ganesha needs a strict disciplined Pooja should be performed without any mistakes.  His trunk represents to be efficient.

2. Right size and Pleasant features: Choose right size of the Idol according to the custom and normally size should be an odd with pleasant features like small eyes, big head, long ear and four hands  with axe, rope, modak and one for blessing, And Large stomach, one tusk and Mouse at the bottom  is a ideal deity to be selected.

Symbolism of GajananaGanesha fever

Elephant Ears and Big Head: Listen Well, Think and Analyze

Trunk: Discriminate and Be Efficient

One Tusk: Evaluate and Decide

Pot- Belly: Digest and Store All Knowledge

Four Hands:

Axe– To remove negativity in and around us

Rope: Draws Us Closer to Him

Modak:  Rewards and blessing to his Devotees

Mouse: Obedient Mind

3.Choosing a Standing or Seated Idol:

 It is always best custom to select seated Idol for household symbolizing God will stay in our house. However in mandal they prefer standing Idol.

4.Decorating Ganesha:

 Decoration is an art as we dress our lil ones we can dress as per our wish and wealth like some artificial ornaments, silk dhotis with illumination. South Indians have tradition of keeping an umbrella (Pillar Kudai) and Garlands made of erukkam poo and dhurava grass.

Placement of Ganesha:

Ganesha idol is received home with Mangalarthi and placed facing east on your living room. This ritual is called ‘Pranapratishhtha’. After this is the ‘Shhodashopachara’ (16 ways of paying tribute).

To know more click here: Pooja procedure for Ganesha Chathurthi

For More Slokas on Lord Ganesha 


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