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Check to construct your Educational Institution properly!!! Vastu for Educational Institutions

Educational institution plays a vital role in upbringing of the child. It is the place where your child grooms well , learns to adjust and understand about the knowledge. So a positive environment is so well necessary for the educational institutions. So it is essential to construct this place according to the vastu principles so that students can achieve their desires  in best and hence forth brings a good name for the institutions. Some of the vastu principles to be taken care while constructing a educational institution are.

  • Entrance – Make sure the entrance faces east or northeducation
  • Staff Room – North western direction can  have staff rooms.
  • Office– Office should be in the south-east direction and the doors should be placed in the north or the west direction. Dean’s room should be situated on the south or west side of the school or institution but be careful that the sitting position of the principal must be north facing.
  • Play Ground– If it is an open play ground locate it at the eastern portion.
  • CanteenSouth eastern direction can have the canteen or pantry.
  • Classrooms – The blackboard is best placed in the west with the entrance in the eastern side. The students must sit facing the north or east. There should be no beams or cross beams in the classroom. Color of the walls should be white, half white or cream.
  • Library – For a better atmosphere you can have the library placed in the western area.
  • Electrical Equipment – Electronic goods such as invertors and electric meters must be cautiously installed in the southeast of the premises.
  • Halls – it is best to have  halls in the north  direction with entrance door in the east direction.
  • Laboratories –The southern or western side can have the laboratories
  • Restrooms –  North western corner of the whole building can have the restrooms

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