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Beware of upcoming relationship issues… check to know whether your victims…

In Mumbai court rooms are jam-packed even on thedivorce city outskirts it’s been an unimmaginable bitter reality, there is no difference of people both rich and poor, educated and ill literate couples are seen in dozens to seek divorce varied reasons but all unite at a simple issue that is inability to live together. Rupee value is falling and so the relationship impact is seen on the household, frustrations are increasing over period of time and bonding among the relations is declining due to stress; Job tension??, Loan repayment?? Kid’s education?? And so on…. provokes family scandals they once did and divorce is no longer out of bounds.It’s important to understand how stressful events affect your marriage. Since you can’t avoid it, you have to be able to recognize and manage it.

Just a decade ago, divorce was a dirty word in our conservative India. All of a sudden everyone and one among us are getting divorced. In every 10 Indian marriages 1 end in divorce it’s a really fast growing one.

To cope up with this and to manage a good and healthy family life needs a lot of maturity and positive attitude towards things…

  • Support your partner when they are in trouble; don’t prick on their mistakes be polite to them.
  • Have time to talk and share your views and opinions (Try to talk about both achieved and future action plan needed).
  • Break down your goals into small, always watch your steps.
  • Any relation has both good and bad time, so give a space for healing.
  • Start accepting your partner’s positive and negative part because everybody has both sides.
  • Surround yourself with your true friends and family. Talk to them and see what their suggestions are
  • Intimacy gives your partner a chance to support you and in return, you are more likely to support them when they are stressed.Being intimate actually helps relieve tension and anxiety.

I strongly don’t think divorce is an easiest thing that can be obtained but it can be precluded when both partners know and execute their roles and responsibilities properly.

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