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Varalakshmi Pooja Slogas

Varalakshmi means Devi who grants boons, she is the Goddess who is invited into the home and honoured. The different types of benefits that you  will accrue when pooja is  performed.  The Varalakshmi puja are  performed to get “dhan” (money), “dhanyam” (grains or food), “arogyam” (health), “sampath” (property), “sathsanthanam” (virtuous offspring) and “dheerga saumangalyam” (longevity of the husbandvaralak

The Lakshmi Sahasranam is chanted during the puja. Some slokas are

Sri Lakshmi Gayathri

“Om Maha Lakshmyacha vithmahae Vishupathanycha theemahee:
Thannao Lakshmi Prachodayathu”

Sri Mahalakshmi Mantram:

”Thurithouka Nivaarana Praveenae
Vimalae Paasoora Paathu Devavapuae
Pranavapprathi Paathya Vasthiyae

Spuranakyae HariVallabae Namasthae

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