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Is your kids has lack of concentration?? Vastu to improve concentration for kids!!

arjunTo achieve a goal we need to concentrate and pay attention. But most of our kids, from time to time experiences some concentration and focusing difficulties. This is mainly due to over exertion or overload on kids. However some children either due to their physiology or environmental or psychological reasons have greater difficulty in focusing. During my childhood, my father had taught me a story about Gurukul of Dronacharya.


“When Dronacharya was teaching all his disciples how to shoot bow and arrow with a Bird’s mannequin. He called each of his disciple one by one on hierarchy he asked everyone to shoot but each one shot at different areas only one or two was able hit the bird’s wing atleast then came Arjuna’s turn. And he said, “Arjuna, there’s a bird aim” He said and Arjuna focused, he asked “what do you see?” Arjuna said, “I see the eye of the bird.” And Guru said, “What else do you see?” And Arjuna said, “That’s all.” And he shot the bird in its eyes.

This should be the level of concentration when we do anything, always target on what we want to achieve with full concentration no matter whatever the disturbances. But nowadays, I see a lot of my friends complaining about making their kids study with concentration and focus.  Apart from playing kids get are exposed to too many electronic gadgets, i pads and internet. So in many ways their concentration goes for a toss. Apart from this there are many other things that happen anonymously like some wrong position of study, kid’s room and the environment of the house. Like any skill concentration can be enhanced vastu, precisely helps to solve such problems and assists in enhancing control over mind, there are many ways to have impact on children’ concentration levels just by placing few things in right position . Effective ways to improve concentration is

1. Attend to their physiological needs:

*  Start the day well; when your kid opens eyes in the morning make them to look on both of their palms. It is considered very auspicious and gives you peace and builds your confidence.  Kids concentrate best after nine hour sleep so make sure they get sufficient sleep.

*  Reduce sugar intake and increase protein levels with lean meat, almonds and eggs. This stimulates their dopamine levels which make concentration easier, particularly for lethargic kids.

*  Frequent breaks for exercise have a similar effect.

*  Make sure your kids are having the fresh mind before studying always ask them to close their eyes for a minute and take a deep breath before studying.

*  Always make them studying facing east.

*  Keep the glass or bottle of water near their desk while studying, when their mind gets distracted give them a glass of water to drink and continue to concentrate.

2. Select a study room in such a way that there is good source of lighting and let it not get disturbed by the noise from the kitchen or living room and direction of study should always be facing East, North or North-east of the house.

3. Create a mood for concentration: Calming background music, placing a fish tank (with fish) in a place of work and removal of fluorescent lights are some simple ways to make the environment more amenable for concentration.

4. Make sure the study table is clutter free and tidy, clutter free work area improve concentration.

5. Do not keep mobile phone or other electromagnetic objects near you when studying or sleeping as they distract the  concentration,

6. Make sure the child gets good enough sleep and make sure the child sleeps with the head towards South direction but defiantly not north direction.

7. You can even keep the certificates or display trophies etc. bagged by the child on the South wall. This act as encouragement and builds concentration.


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