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Do you feel dullness?? Then sharpen your skills with Garuda!!!

Garuda is destined to be the King of the birds. Garuda looks like an eagle with a human head and hands. Garuda is Lord Vishnu’s trusted mount and attendant . Garuda works as the carrier of the Lord. Garuda functions as God’s tool to maintain the Universe.garuda

Garuda marks an end to all your sufferings and health ailments. Lord Garuda,  will protect you against all dangers and strengthen you with courage and knowledge. His unflinching energy will power up your life line and stimulate your inner spirits. Because  when Garuda  was born  he emerged, radiant like the sun and Agni, from his egg-shell. You will be blessed with the qualities of courage and confidence to outsmart your fellow beings This enables your sub-conscious and conscious minds to experience true happiness, and eternal joy

Position – To sharpen your skills and boost your confidence  place Garuda in the South West zone.

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