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Drishti – An Evil eye on you!! How to remove it

Drishti Dosha”/ “Kandrishti”/ “Nazar”, hoevil eyed-monsterwever we call it is caused by negative thoughts of others that is been mainly focussed on you and your family. As per Hindu mythology power of their mental energy in the form of thought / focuses in the form sight/ jealous in the form of speech may be on our growth, prosperity and our looks directly or indirectly is DRISHTI.

Our Body mainly depends on 7 chakras which are positioned along the centre line of the body. When this chakra spins and swirls which activates and balances all types of energy like, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual around us. When negative vibration/ energy falls on us this interrupts the spinning of the chakras correspondingly causes slowing down of our physical / mental function.


Some of the popular remedies for DRISHTI DOSHA are

To tarnish the general effect of drishti is “a black beauty spot” i.e., placed for those who are highly vulnerable like., babies, children, brides or  bridegrooms. A black cord is sometimes tied around the hip of young children for the same purpose. Amulets of umbilical cord are attached to the cord.
Fbommaior vehicles like two wheelers, cars, trucks, and houses commonly nazaedisplay a mannequin / tin plate of a fierce ogre, or alam with lemons and chillies etc. Lemons are crushed by the vehicle and a new lemon is hung with chillies in a bead to ward off any future evil eyes. These can also be seen at shops and private homes, usually hanging at the doorways. Many Indian shop keepers also burn a piece of newspaper and then wielding it in a circular motion before the already locked shutter or gate, before they finally leave for home.


To remove the drishti dosha can be removed in many ways.

  • One of the most common ways is to Take a few dried red chillies, mustards, pepper corns and salt in your right palm and without speaking to anyone with utmost concentration move your right palm 3, 5, or 7 times – again according to severity – over the head of the person and throw the mixture into in fuelled stove or coal stove or to road junction. The chillies should go straight from your right palm into the fire or ideally throw them into your kitchen sink but not the closet.
  •  Another is to take arati with the flame on a lemon/coconut or pumpkin and dash this on the ground.
  • Other one is done after special occasions/functions arati taken with a mixture of caustic lime (sunnambu in Tamil) with turmeric powder mixed in water forms a vermillion liquid a betel leaf placed on it with camphor rotated both clockwise and anticlockwise around the face will absorb all negativity and evil energies.
  •  Camphor treatment, In the night, before retiring to bed take camphor rotate around the persons head and burn it ideally outside your residence, in front of the entrance to your home.

Prevention of Drishti dosha:

  • Most common and effective way to remove dosha is Kandrishti Ganapathy, Blue eyed amulet, or lord Narasimhars photo on the entrance of your home/ work area prevents negative force entering your home.
  • Hanging  Alam (Padikaram in Tamil) in the house entrance
  • Rock salt in separate container may be Glass bowl. Fill the bowl full of water and rock salt place it in the living room where outsiders see the most. Replace it every week by pour it somewhere outside in this way we can reduce the effect of DRISHTI DOSHA.


Drishti over food, in Tamil commonly called KORI and in Malayalam KODHI. Babies and kids get affected by this drishti. Symptoms kids will show high avertion to food and some have nausea which stinks differently.

Remedy for this kind of drishti is

  • Whatever the food the victim consumes is rotated around their head and fed to animals like dogs, cat, and cow.
  • An Iron rod or steel stick (appala kuchi) is heated and placed in the victim’s food and poured out or fed to animals.
  • And weekly a handful of food is taken and rotated around their head reciting below slogan.,



The Drishti can be effectively removed only on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sunday, or on Pournami and Amavasya day.

 Who should perform this Process?

1. Only elderly person can do this for the younger person and not the vice versa.
2. Immediately after the process is over the affected person whose drishti has been removed should move from the seat and sit in another seat.

3. Pregnant ladies should not perform the process.

4. After this removing dristi, no one should go outside. Finish all your works before dristi removal. Keep Vibuthi on the forehead and go for sleep.
5. After removal of Drishti the remover should wash his/her hands and legs before entering the home.


Gayathri Mantra

Aum Bhoor bhu vas suvaha
Tat savithur Varenyam
Bhargo dhevasya dhemahi
Dhi yo yona prachodayaath

Ganapathi Moola Mantra

Aum shreem hreem kleem glaum gum ganapathaye
Vara-varadha sarva janam-mey vasamaanaya swaha

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