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Is travelling with kids a night mare

Summer is here. Which means vacation and travelling with kids. Travelling with kids can be a nightmare if it is not planned well. Planning is based on multiple perspectives right from the travel destination, mode of travel, duration of travel, age of your kids etc
Some tips to make your travel hassle free :
Travel Destination : Choose a destination which has activities for the kids as well based on their age and interest. Choose hotels with kids club / play area, kids pool if they enjoy spending time in the pool. Look for hotels with babysitting options if you are planning for time alone with your spouse or planning for a pub / casino
Mode of Travel : Based on the mode of travel there are pros and cons eg., if you are travelling by an overnight train ensure you carry the sleeping needs like blankets, soft pillows etc. If you are travelling by car you may want to consider carrying neck support.
Food during travel: It is awalys wise to carry some quick bites / snacks with juice and water during travel. If you are travelling with infants carry the milk powders, few sets of sterlised bottles, finger foods etc
Medicines : Carry the generic medicines for cold, cough, fever, voitting, loose motion, band aids, cotton roll etc along with any specific medicine if any given by the doctor.
Toileteries: Carry tissues, wet wipes, travel pack hand wash / soap, hand towels, plastic bags etc
Spare dress to change: Carry few sets of dresses in an accessable bag for infands and atleast 1 set for a grown up child
Entertainment : Pack some travel friendly toys for kids to keep themselves occupied during travel.

Have a happy and hassle free vacation !!

One comment on “Is travelling with kids a night mare

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