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Do your loved ones have fear of death?? A Tortoise at home!!!

         Tortoise!!! I have seen in many homes and work place aattoisetortoise being kept. Many questions arouse in my mind like what is the necessity to place tortoise in home? Which direction should tortoise face? And so on… Then I spoke to my friend who is architect cum vastu consultanat then she explained me about Celestial animals like Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix and turtle how they are considered to be the guardians and  to providers of good energy and positive vibes in the space placed.

Turtle / tortoise is a symbol of protection, support, stability and longevity. Lower, rounded hills shaped like the back of the turtle shell-represents the qualities of turtle and will enhance the lifestyle when placed esp in the back of the house. This means you can place a small tortoise at your back of your office, or in the back of your garden. Though tortoise is slow, but it is always steady and as the proverb “SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE” the determined way of walking, slow breathing and composure of all gives a good sturdiness and lead a calm long life.

Also in Kurma purana, Lord Vishnu took the form of tortoise to uphold the earth called KURMA AVATAR, second avatar to help churning the heavenly ocean of milk. Tortoise being a sturdy animal that has a long life and hence it denotes Longevity. That is the reason it is recommended for senior citizens who has fear of death and to increasing their longevity.

Tortoise works as an aid for Vastu correction as it has the tremendous power of balance and harmonize the environment around us and helps in removing negative energy around us. So, when we keep this tortoise in our home or office or with us, the place is purified by the power of tortoise, which neutralizes all negative energies. Tortoise can also improve concentration you can place near your study table.


Tortoise is prepared with the brass is best for Vastu doshas. These days we find tortoise made of Resins, white metal, glass, mud, crystals and wood even.While placing a tortoise at home or in office, apt direction benefits our life:

  1. Tortoise made of earthen material should be placed on North East, Center or in South      West.
  2. The tortoise of metals should be placed in North and North West.
  3. Tortoise of crystals should be placed in South West or North West.
  4. Tortoise of wood should be placed in East or in South East.
  5. Placing a tortoise in living room; increases family harmony.
  6. Tortoise kept in water with colored stones promotes serenity, harmony, peace, and longevity of family members.
  7. Avoid placing tortoise in toilets and kitchen.
  8. Place tortoise at the east brings good health and longevity.
  9. Tortoise can be placed facing the main door of the house to be blessed with safe journeys.
  10. If you get nightmare, try placing the tortoise beside the bed or under the bed, it will help to overcome the nightmare and have a good sleep.
  11. Placing the symbol at your work desk or behind your back at work place helps to enjoy continuous promotion and opportunities annually. This is also an effective way to multiply authority in management.

One comment on “Do your loved ones have fear of death?? A Tortoise at home!!!

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