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If you are longing for a child – A travelogue to Garbarakshambigai Temple

                  We Indians mainly South Indians have high religious belief and customs followedgarbarakshambigai for more than 5000 years. India especially, South India is a place where you find several temples and shrines of different religions and the people who are passionate devotees. Every year they plan to go on pilgrimage tours according to their own well being, there are number of pilgrim places in south India especially to nullify the ill effects of planets in horoscopes. Especially, Kumbakonam is a known small town which is 250 kms away from Chennai, capital of Tamilnadu.

                  Many Couples who doesn’t have kid even for 10 years visit this place and get the religious rites done to nullify the ill effects of the planets. One of the famous Temple in Kumbakonam is Garbharakshambigai Temple located in Thirukarukavur is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple got name from word “Karu” means womb, Ka” means Save and “vur” means Place – Since the womb is saved by the deity in the village it is called Thirukarukavur.

                 Thirukarukavur is the abode of Goddess Garbharakshambika and Lord Mullaivana Nathar. Garbharakshambika is incarnation of Goddess Parvati, an embodiment of Shakti (Power). She is not only protects the unborn child, but also has the power to bless people who are longing for a child, people who have pregnancy related problems and for pregnant women who come to the temple praying for an easy normal delivery.

                  The other Presiding deity is Lord Mullaivana Nathar (Lord of the Jasmine Garden) is Lord Shiva himself. The Ling here is a “Swayambu” a self manifested and covered with jasmine creepers. This Linga is made up of ant hill mud. Hence abishekam to Linga using water is avoided and merely pasted with a kind of draviya/fragrance called ‘Punuhu’ and is done during New Moon Day Pradosham. People who are afflicted with incurable disease come to this place offer ‘Punuhu Chattam’ to the Lord and get themselves cured from the diseases especially Skin related disease.temple

               The temple of Devi Garbharakshambika temple is spread over a wide span with huge Raja Gopuram and a beautiful pond in front of the temple adding beauty. The temple is surrounded by coconut – palms and the atmosphere itself is very soothing, calming and serene place sanctity.

                The Nandi at this temple is considered to be Swayambhu vigraham – “The Self manifested”. The Devotees pay respects to Nandi then to the presiding deity, Shri Mullaivana nathar.

                 Devi Garbharakshambika is the supreme personality which is 7 feet tall and decorated with beautiful kancheevaram silk saree, exquisite temple jewellery and colourful flowers adding to her beauty.

Chronicles of Devi Garbaratchambigai and Mullaivanathar:

Temple Tree/ Sthala Vriksham:

 Mathavi is the temple tree, and hence called Mathavipuram/Mullaivanam.

Pooja Specialties:

Blessed Ghee for Pregnancy:

Couples longing to have a child go in person to the temple, obtain ghee from the temple counter and lite 11 ghee lamps and do step cleaning “Padi Mezhuguthal”. After going back to their home they mix the sacred ghee with 1kg Ghee and before going to bed couples should take a spoonful of ghee and recite the mantras for 48 days continuously. Avoid intake of ghee during periods. And Persons who are unable to visit the temple can obtain blessed ghee through post or courier. After receiving follow the same procedure as above.

Blessed Castor Oil for Normal Delivery:

Pregnant woman in third trimester has to obtain blessed oil from the temple. It is not necessary for the woman to come in person either her husband or any family member or through courier can obtain the blessed oil. The oil must be applied in the lower abdomen of the woman during pain and recite the mantras for easy delivery.

Golden Cradle/ Thanga Thotil:

A unique way to thank Devi Garbaratchambigai for her kindness for blessing with a healthy baby is called Thanga Thottil Prarthanai. Blessed couples after having child pray to Devi Garbaratchambigai and place the child in Thanga Thottil (Golden cradle) and circumvent around Amman Praharam.


Placing your child in one plate of the weighing scale and balancing the other with goods of according to our prayer is called Thulabharam. Materials like Ghee, oil, food grains, fruits- banan, currency coins, gold and silver are used to do thulabaram.

Navakodi Deepam:

The ghee in the lamp symbolizes to remove negativity in our minds. Normally, 11 lamps, if you are praying to become pregnant (one for Vinayagar, one for the Lord Mullaivananathar and nine for Garbaratchambigai) and 5 lamps, if you are praying for easy delivery (one for Vinayagar, one for Lord Mullaivananathar and three for Garbaratchambigai).

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If your not able to go there still you can get the poojas done for you


So if you are longing to have your own cute little pie in your home… “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER”. Do visit this temple have blessed with lil one.


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