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Each step matters a lot- a stairway as per vastu…

staircase          When  we where constructing a villa, my father was a bit confused about how the stairs has to be whether kept  inside or outside the house and it should be circular/ straight one.  Since we had  space constraint and we were all fascinated with the fashion of circular stairs which was trendy at those days. So we all preferred the circular one. So my father decided to go with circular one. Everything was going nice and the stairs came out very well and the construction got over, but slowly we saw a change in our house my father was frequently not keeping well and there started continuous problems in our house.  Then my father’s friend he was a Vastu consultant, he came to our house to see my father and informed that the position and the structure of the stairs was the root cause for all the problems that has been happening in our family. Then he came up with few corrections which we had to do to retain happiness in our family.

Points to be considered when we built a staircase or stairway for our house

  • It’s always better to construct the staircase in the southwest or south  part of the house.
  • The staircase should go up from east to west / north to south and avoid northeast side.
  • It is always best to build the staircase with odd number of stairs—9, 11, or 15 steps.
  • The ideal size of the staircase is 6” high and 10” deep
  • Circular stairways are not good as it has the ability to cause health problems.
  • Make sure that  staircases are not directly visible to the visitors. Directly visible stairs are considered to be inauspicious.
  • The Pooja room, kitchen and toilets should not be located under a staircase.
  • The stairway should be painted a light color.
  • Turn clockwise when turning into the next flight.
  •  It is always best to begin climbing steps with the right foot and also to end the climb on the right foot because right foot is equated with gain and left with loss.


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