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Father’s Day – Celebrate the special person in your life!!!

Father’s day, a day celebrated to recognize the contribution103 and influence of father in bringing up child. A father plays a key role in everybody’s life right from the time birth till the time you are independent and even beyond.

They provide us basic needs of life, teach us invaluable lessons which no book ever teach us, they are role model and living heroes in many of our lives.

Don’t you think as way to express our love, respect and honour the relationship we need to celebrate this day in any possible way either big or small!

Some simple tips on ways to make our dads cherish this day and for the rest of their life:

–        Meet him if you are in the same town or call him if you are away and tell him you love him and how much he means to you

–        Send him some gifts, may be some flowers, cards, etc..

–        Pay him a surprise visit with your spouse and kids if you are married.

–        Create an album of your dad along with you and your siblings from your childhood till date capturing all the special moments.

–        If he has any unaccomplished dreams help him achieve the same.

–        Send him a greeting card with a personal message.

–        Spend some special time with him watching old family videos – Birthday, weddings and special celebrations.

–        Take your parents out for lunch or dinner or prepare an exotic lunch with food of his interest.

–        And if your Dad is no more, think of your dad’s charity and donate to your Dad’s favorite charity or to any medical research in his name.

Happy father Day!!!

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