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Submarines – Kids favourite tea time snack

Most of us get confused what to give once the kid come from school.sub To select a snack that is both healthy and tasty is a bit tedious one. Submarines are kids one of the favourite dish which has a combo of cottage cheese, bell peppers, mushroom and spring onions with schezwan sauce in bun which makes the marine a spicy and tangy submarine


French long bun – 4nos

Butter for toasting

For the Filling

1 cup paneer (cottage cheese) cubed

1 cup potatoes ( boiled and mashed)

1/2 cup spring onions , chopped

1 cup sliced mushrooms

1/2 cup bell peppers (red , yellow , green) , sliced

1 tsp schezwan sauce (for cooking)

4 tbsp tomato ketchup

1 tbsp oil salt to taste

For the Garnish

grated paneer (cottage cheese)

spring onion greens


sliced onions and tomatoes


Prepare the filling

Heat oil in a saucepan, toss the ingredients one by one for 2 minutes.

Remove from the fire and keep aside.

For Sub marine

Slit the bun horizontally. Apply Butter and toast slightly.

Filling and spread the stuff on each roll. Slightly heat it.

Garnish with grated paneer, sliced onions, lettuce, tomatoes and spring onion greens.

As a variation we can use minced chicken, mutton or even prawns.. that makes dish even more tastier and kids also love the same.

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