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Salt a miracle ingredient !!! Its usefulness

• Ouch! Egg fell down, don’t worry! Sprinkle little salt on the egg wait for 15 minutes. Now its easy to clean this. salt
• Sprinkling salt in ovens where food has split over, helps clean the spill faster. Moreover salt absorbs the burnt smell.
• Salt can be effectively used to clean glass tea and coffee pots. Add a fistful of salt to the pot, drop in some ice cubes, swivel the mix and rub with salt. You will see sparkling shiny pots
• Potatoes and apples won’t turn brown when kept in a bowl of cold salty water.

• Soak the coloured clothes in the mix of the salt and vinegar. The garment won’t bleed and colours will get fastened.
• Add a pinch of salt to the water while mopping the floor it keeps flies away.

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