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Choosing a Location for your home


Whether we own our own home or apartment or live in rented accommodations, we can use the principles which follow to create a living space in which we feel comfortable. If we are on the verge of moving or are in the fortunate position of having acquired a piece of land to design and build our own home upon, here are some important considerations to make.

How to Assess a Locationhome

When we assess a location, we need to look into its natural phenomena, its immediate environment, positive and negative aspects of the location.

Natural Phenomena Immediate Environment Positive Aspects Negative aspects
Wind directions Proposed road development Local amenities Factories
Sun direction Proposed building development Trees Petrol stations
Rainfall Land use plans Street lighting All- night cafes
Flood area Previous land use Good street maintenance Pubs and discos
Geological faults Tree preservations orders Community spirit Police stations
Soil type Local architecture Local shops Fire stations
Height above sea level Neighbours  predecessors Schools, clubs Airports
Cemeteries and crematoriums
Motorways and highways
Electricity substations

Our environment makes  a psychological impact on us, whatever we see, hear or smell will make an impression. So choose  your location of your home appropriately  to bring in the positiveness in you. Happy  Home !!!

One comment on “Choosing a Location for your home

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