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Over Spicy food!!! How to correct it

Lot of times, we mistakenly put more spice, then keep wondering how to correct it. if you’re dish made is so fiery it makes you and others eyes watery,food pipe and stomach burns happens. Though we try to be perfect while cooking, mistakes happens sometimes,here are some tricks to reduce the spiciness.

1. Add a tsp of sugar/ honey and ½ cup of water to the dish.
2. Add a chopped tomatoes and/or cooked bean at the end. This will reduce the effect considerably.
3. If not add a peel of the lemon into the gravy wait for15 minutes and remove it before serving.
4. To reduce spice you can add yoghurt/milk, boiled potatoes, tomatoes it can reduce spice considerably.
5. Adding salt, coriander powder or add a bit of garam masala is also beneficial

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