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Slogan on Saraswathy for Education

This Sloka is to remove obstacle in studies and education related industries and protect them from all hindrance to education.


Yaa kundendu tushaarahaara dhavalaa yaa shubhra vastraavritaa     saras

Yaa veenaa varadanda manditakaraa yaa shveta padmaasanaa

Yaa brahmaachyuta shankara prabhritibihi

Devaih sadaa pujitaa. Saa maam pattu saravatee bhagavatee nihshesha jaadyaapahaa.


Goddess Saraswati is all white like the kunda blossom, the moon, snow, and pearl. She is dressed in pure White. While two of her hands play in veena, the two other hands are poised to give boons, and award punishments as needed. She is seated on a white lotus. She is worshipped by all the celestials including Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

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