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Biryani !!! Its different styles of cooking

Biryani !!!   The frangrant of the biryani  pulls  my family automatically to the dinning table for sure. My daughter’s   words “ my mouth is watering”.  And I’m sure everybody’s mouth will start to water and ask for more if it is a biryani. The biryani is present in all its fragrant glory in every part of the country. Each region and community in India has its own style of making biryani. Varieties in biryani are Hyderabad  biryaniLucknow  biryani, Dindigul biryani, Mangalore fish biryani. Each community has influenced its unique style of biryani by using their own spices and  way they cook.

biryDindigal biryani

hyd biyaHyderabad biryani

luck briyLucknow biryani

fish briyMangalore fish biryani

One comment on “Biryani !!! Its different styles of cooking

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