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Make Meditation a Habit!! Simple steps to practise Meditation

Yoga for healthy living

Yoga for healthy living

Sit in a comfortable position close your eyes, open your mind and focus on the object but on seeing everyone feel that it’s basic and easy when we listen but it’s really a real life challenge and confident that anyone who has learned meditation will agree to that.

Present lifestyle is a strenuous one whether it may be a kid or elderly person everyone experience stress in all walks of life. Meditation a MIND BODY PRACTISE, that creates a space for relaxation and rejuvenation of both mind and body.

I’ve experimented regular meditation practice our mind always get distracted with itchy nose, head or back and makes think about happenings at home and will start feeling bored, and eventually I end up so stressed out about de-stressing that I give up. But I constantly keep trying again and again. But honestly feel our mind becomes calm, sane and feel well both physically and mentally.

It’s said that every person must meditate at least three times a day. When one gets up from sleep, he must pay homage to his deity or rising Sun to prepare for the day’s chores. Secondly, the mid-day Sun before meals for his sustenance and finally before setting Sun to express his gratitude to his Creator for the successful completion of the day. And the most auspicious time for meditation is 3 am every day, the Brahma muhurtham during this time, Mother Nature is the most serene.

Do you know how to Gain meditative state

Initially its difficult to gain the meditative state only by  constant practice we can slowly accomplish the task.


  • Start  focussing your mind to particular sound, esp in Hinduism we use ‘OM” and keep chanting the OM again and again to attain the state.
  • It necessarily need not only be the word OM which can be used, it can be also other words which soothes your mind.

Click here to see about  Chanting’ OM’

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  • Each colours is associated with relaxation and can help to clear the mind, tension and start to meditate.
  • Sit with eyes closed and be aware of colours that comes into your mind it may be any colour that comes into your mind or it may be a colour of  rainbow- red or purple are common.
  • Then slowly and gradually allow that colour to change to a other colour, allowing it to fill the whole of your mind’s eye and replacing all other colours.
  • You will find a feeling of relaxation growing as the new colour builds in your mind and when the relaxed colour is complete, you will experience feelings of inner peace.

Number Game

This game provides excellent way to clear the mind through concentration, imagination and patterns and to reach meditative state.

  • Just sit or lie comfortably, once they have come to comfortable position ask them to remember the number sequence.
  • With chalk on the board, draw a diagram of numbers, making sure that there are no mathematical links, like this

4   2    6

9   7    1

5   8    3

  • Give them one minute to memorize this sequence.
  • Ask them to return to their relaxed position, eyes closed and concentrate on the numbers alone.
  • Rub out the numbers by row by row and this leaves only the first row.
  • Then rub out the last number, saying now concentrate only on that two numbers, then rub the second number and ask them to concentrate the on the number which is left.
  • Let them remain in silence until you notice restlessness.
  • Then wake them up gently with the instruction to sit up and ask them what the number was and how they feel.

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